All Stressed Out With Nobody To Choke?


Did you know that stress is largely self-created?  It’s called self-sabotage; sometimes DRAMA; which I know we’ve all been a culprit of at some point.  Now, think of this: Stress = Self-Sabotage = DRAMA.


Ok, so I may have copied that from the Urban Dictionary, so If you think that’s ridiculous, think about how ridiculous sabotaging yourself sounds.  What’s worse, self-sabotage, or a definition taken from the Urban Dictionary?

Stress can wreak havoc on your body.  It can cause high blood pressure, sleeping problems, headaches, and even bring down your immune system.  The list goes on, and quite honestly, researching the negative effects of stress is really stressful, so I decided to stop.  Instead, I leave you with this…

The next time you are close to letting stress get the best of you, think about how you really want to feel before you REACT.  Don’t let emotions get the best of you.  Avoid negative self-talk, pessimism, and taking on more than you can handle.  Most of all, breathe.  It’s pretty amazing what a few deep breaths can do for you.

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Protect Yourself From Emotional Poison

Don’t let justification be an excuse.  Emotional Poison will suck you dry… especially if you are the one creating it.


This time, I am talking about you, not someone else.

Ok, so you talked about someone, and although you “don’t really like talking about people,” you feel it was justified because…

“They had it coming…” or “They shouldn’t have done that in the first place…” or “They were the ones in the wrong…”  So there you go, blaming someone else, so you are justified in doing what you also know is wrong.

Putting someone else down does NOT make you look better.  In fact, it does the opposite, but not only from an outsiders perspective. Subconsciously, you hold the guilt whether you want to or not. Deep down, you keep punishing yourself over and over for talking about someone (regardless of all your justifying).

Justification is just an excuse.  I know this because I have done it too.  With some recent drama, I “slipped” here and there too.  At first, it felt good to get it out, and hey, I wasn’t the only one. Afterwards though, I didn’t feel great about what I said, and it wasn’t even “that bad” because it was the truth… I know you understand because you’ve done it too.  It’s especially easy to chime in when everyone else is talking about the same thing.  Even easier though… protect yourself first and say nothing.  In the end, you’ll feel better.

When you hear people talking about other people, how does it make you feel?  Do you ever lose faith or trust in people who talk about others? Do you question whether they do the same about you?  What about when you do it?

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The Gray Area Between Life And Death

My Grandmother passed away today. Although life and death seem black and white, there is this gray area… it’s where I know she was before she left us. The gray area was something like “The Dash” but she didn’t have a choice on how to live it.


I think that’s what hurts the most.  She didn’t get to choose her final Dash, but we did.  My mother had the chance to sit by her and tell her how much she was loved.  My father got to see her, and be with her during her last days.  Although in a coma, she moved.  Yes, there were movements, which in my heart, make me believe she knew my parents were there.  I don’t know if I think that it was her time, but I do know that she is now holding hands with my Grandfather, looking down on us with their beautiful smiles, seeing their Great-Grandchildren for the first time. I know she was welcomed, and enveloped by the soft warm light from his arms.

I just wish it wasn’t so soon.

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The Spirit In Me – How To Live With Grace

Do you want to be awakened to the gifts of life and the reason for your existence?  Do you want a better sense of awareness and compassion?  Are you ready to start living a purposeful life with a freed mind?

When you hold yourself to a standard of Grace, you begin living life with an ease of being.

Spiritual coach Cheryl Richardson talks about Finding Grace In Your Life and how you can begin to “dance” with grace in a great article you can read here.  She refers to grace as a beautiful energy and a divine intelligence.  <um… yes, give me some of that please>

10 Ways To Live With Grace

Living with Grace is easier than you think.  It starts with LOVE.

  1. Grace begins with loving yourself and the universe.
  2. It’s understanding there is no such thing as perfection, rather accepting and loving imperfections.
  3. It’s about understanding and living out your core desires.
  4. It’s not letting fear get in the way of anything.
  5. It’s not being ashamed of mistakes made in the past, instead knowing they served a purpose and you learned from them.
  6. It’s peacefully letting go of people or things not meant for you.
  7. It’s having strength in times of weakness.
  8. It’s about learning to forgive yourself and others (even if they aren’t sorry).
  9. It’s being gentle with words and your hand.
  10. Grace is knowing you are enough.

(image sources: 1, 2, 3)

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The Power Of Women Vs. Women Today

bffsWe are supposed to come together!  Thousands of years ago, we came together in circles to share our lives, teach what we knew, and listen to each other.  In these circles, we were free!  We held our arms out to those who faltered, we taught each other the wisdom we had learned.  We were (and still are), vital to our survival.

We Were A Community

What I want to know, is this: With the bond we once had, why the hell are we such a*#holes to each other???  Seriously!  It’s the mother being awful to another mother’s child… the best friend speaking ill of her best friend… the sister degrading her own sister in front of people… It’s Disgusting!

Women feel entitled, and believe it’s ok to share their opinions on how men treat women, but do they stop to think about how women treat women today?  The past few days have been eye-opening.  I’ve seen some of the most dishonorable, disrespectful, break your heart type of behavior from women.

Dear Women,

We have come so far, exceeded so many expectations, fought for our education, become leaders worldwide, given birth to, and mothered children, and so much more… yet, we still behave as if it is ok to disrespect, and degrade each other.  I am proud of who I am, respect myself, and am happy with myself.  I don’t feel the need to put someone else down (man or woman).  

What I don’t understand is this… If women before us fought so hard for equality (which is so important to us), why do we feel it’s ok to bring each other down so much that one must question equality among our own…



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Finding Your Vital Spark

Your vital spark is your life force. It’s the most dynamic piece of you.

It’s both your conscious and subconscious.  It’s your innate desire. It’s your gut in action, telling you what you really want.  It’s the magic that flows through your body and holds the key to your dreams.

Think Life-Force Energy.

What Lights You Up?

WHAT REALLY LIGHTS YOU UP?  You need to dig deep for the answer. If you need a little boost to get you going, here are 2 lists that will help get you started on Finding Your Vital Spark.

Your vital spark is a combination of your most sacred ambitions and your most genuine traits.  It’s the power within you, and if you are lucky enough to find it, you’ll be able to feed your soul everything it needs to flourish.  I can’t wait to hear what you come up with for your top 10’s! Were they what you expected or were you surprised at some of your answers?

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In Between Goals – A Thing Called Life

How much are you willing to sacrifice?

I was supposed to be there by 8:30am (I was chronically late because of school drop offs – typically the only time I had to spend with my girls).  When I left on the other hand… well, that’s another story.


I understand the high expectations for people to get their job done, keep up with people in the cubicles next to them, meeting their numbers and more… I’ve been there, but it shouldn’t mean sacrificing other important things in life.

There are some people who do it because they have no choice.  They have to make a living to support their families.  Jobs aren’t easy to find, I get it.  Unfortunately, certain expectations are typically set by people in charge, many who would rather live the grind than live their life.  More consumed with dollar signs than the welfare of their employees, or even worse, their own, their lives consist of work, work, more work, and an occasional night out with people from… drum roll please… WORK!  I remember the grind.  I was so consumed with making more money that I forgot what I loved about life… the things that made my goals worth it… My Life.

Don’t let trying to reach your goals make you forget why you created them in the first place.  Good life goals are good for your heart.  Never sacrifice things good for your heart.

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“The Dash” Between Those Years

Life Is About “The Dash” Between Those Years.  My hope is that the next few minutes will inspire you like they inspired me.  This poem… this video… they are gifts.

The Dash Movie

“…but he said what mattered most of all was the dash between those years.” <and here come my tears>

What will you do with your dash?

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