Weekend Reads For You


Without any warm weather in site, this weekend, my goal is to curl up and catch up on some much-needed reading… that said, I decided to share some love-filled goodness from around the web with you.

Here are some of my favorite reads for the weekend:


The Story Of Telling always has great and useful posts.  I hop over to Bernadette’s website often because I love her writing style and the information she provides is always useful!  That said, her article, “The Difference Between A Pitch And A Brand Story” is a great read for anyone in the writing business.  Check it out here.

Who doesn’t love A House In The Hills?  I fell in love with their “Style Round Up” for the week the moment I popped over to their site!  You’ve got to check out their picks here.  I want it all!

IHeart Organizing is one of my favorite websites EVER.  Every post super simple, clean and leaves a lot to be desired!  “Reader Space: A Studio to be Smitten With” made this weeks In Design cut with flying colors.  Check it out here!

If you haven’t heard of Joy The Baker, then you are in luck!  I met Joy at a retreat last year and know first-hand that not only is her cooking incredible, she is really a beautiful soul. Lucky for us, she shares her beauty in her blog and cooking as well.  This week, I had to share a recent post of hers titled “Joy The Baker’s Best Winter Recipes”.  I just tried her Spicy Vegetarian Tortilla soup and It. Was. AMAZING.  Take a peek at Joy’s Best Winter Recipes here.

The Phoblographer has done it again with a great post.  Whether you are a portrait photographer or not, “How To Make the Most Of A Portrait Lens” is a great read for anyone interested it photography.  Check out his thoughts here.

If you are a regular reader here, you know I love quotes.  Pick The Brain recently posted “9 Nelson Mandela Quotes That Will Inspire You To Change” and Dan Western was not wrong!  Wow is all I can say for the list of quotes and his thoughts on each.  If you are looking for inspiration, look no further and click here.

That’s it for this weekends reads! Enjoy!

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Do You Want A Career In Freelance?

Are you ready to begin your Freelance Writing career, but don’t know where to start?  You are in the right place and boy do I have some information for you…

First of all, GOOD FOR YOU! It can be a very lucrative career choice, and if you love to write, then go for it! It wasn’t until recently that I decided to jump-start my Freelance career and take it to the next level. The last few years, I have written for various publications sporadically. Never did I think I would make it a full-time career. It wasn’t because I didn’t want to. It was because I was afraid to, and I didn’t know where to start.

I’m sure I am not the only person out there with these concerns. The internet world can be very daunting, and getting a Freelance writing job is quite different from the traditional interview leading to a job offer. I can honestly say that I have been very lucky since all the work I’ve done so far has been offered to me. Since writing is what makes me happy, I decided to start pursuing it more.

Less than a week ago, I did a few things to help move forward with my career goals…

First, I spent a little time looking through job boards, like the one on ProBlogger.com. Reading the job postings was a great start for me. I got an idea of what different companies were looking for from writers. Through that, I began putting together a better writing resume, and highlighting my work that pertained to what brands expected. Next, I started to apply. I applied to a few jobs I thought would be a good fit. I already got accepted for one.

After submitting my resume, I started to build a few quick on-line profiles that I could send to different job postings. I always thought that I needed a descriptive writing resume to get a great job, but really, every company is different. Some want a quick profile with writing samples. Others want you to go on their site, complete a few questions, or even a writing sample on a topic of their choice.

One of the greatest things I found were Freelance writing sites like oDesk.com and greatcontent.com. Both websites make you fill out an application. Once you complete it, they look over your information and either accept you, or not. If accepted, many more doors could be opened for you pretty fast. Both sites have a ton of listings daily for jobs available for all sorts of Freelance work. Once you complete your profile, you can start applying to the jobs, and even choosing your own rates!

These paths are new to me, but I can’t wait to keep you up to date on my progress. So far, I am amazed with the results. I plan on posting more about different sites and other tools for writers. In the meantime, if you have any questions for me, feel free to leave me a comment below and I will answer them quickly!

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Hanx Writer : The Golden Touch


If you are a writer who misses the feel of using a typewriter, but loves the ease of a modern computer, then Hanx Writer is the app for you.

Using a typewriter app… It’s either your thing, or it’s not. I wasn’t sure how much I would enjoy it until I gave it a shot. I fell in LOVE. It happened quickly too. As soon as I started typing, I got so excited that my mind started racing about the different things I wanted to write about using the app. There are certain emotions which are evoked when you type that a basic computer just cannot give you.

I might be aging myself, but the feel of using a typewriter with ease (because let’s just be honest here… an actual typewriter keyboard isn’t the easiest when it comes to typing), makes the experience way better. Hanx Writer makes me want to write more. That in itself was enough reason for me to buy the $4.99 version of the app just moments after I had the free version downloaded (which by the way is wonderful too). I was so excited to share what I loved about the app that I didn’t feel I would be able to review it without testing both versions.

The difference between the free and paid versions of this app are fairly basic. The app in itself is pretty basic which is why it’s so beautiful. The paid version gives you the option of using 3 different typewriters. The free version has only one offered. All three typewriters are great and fairly similar. My personal favorites are “The Golden Touch” which is included in the paid version. “Hanx Prime Select” comes in at a close second for me and is the typewriter available in the free version. Other differences include various background colors (the free version has a black background; the paper is white in all the versions), different font colors (the free version only offers black), and more alignment options in the paid version.

You can remove the animation if that’s what tickles your fancy, but I am not really sure what that does, since nothing changed when I did it. You can control the sound, but honestly, what’s the point? Half the fun in using a typewriter is the sound. It’s not jarring in this app either. In fact, it’s very soothing. Saving your work is easy. You can save it in the app itself or to Instapaper, your Dropbox, or pretty much any other document sharing app you may have, including Evernote. The only negative is the document sharing saves in pdf form so you cannot edit your document in other apps. Hanx Writer is one of my favorite writing apps thus far. I’ve fallen in love and think you will too!

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What Makes A Perfect Parent?

Lunch Interrupted…


Dear Mom At Panera,

Let me start by saying that I am not a perfect parent.

I realize that your children are your world and you want nothing more than to make them happy, regardless of how that might affect others.  I get it.  I’m a mom too.  I remember the toddler years and how hard they were.

What I don’t remember is letting my toddler listen to the same song (in your son’s case, Meghan Trainor’s All About That Base), over and over, on full blast for the restaurant to hear. I also don’t remember allowing my 3-year-old to throw her apple at different tables while people were trying to enjoy their meal and laughing about it, and then proceeding to give it back to her without a second thought. Is that some sort of game?  If so, it didn’t look fun… I hope you wouldn’t let your son eat that apple since it’s made its way around the restaurant floor. Did I mention that your 3-year-old just sat across from me, screamed at the top of his lungs and put his snotty hands all over my laptop. Yes, the same laptop I am typing on now, which is why I decided to write this note to you. Although I wanted to help you take notice of this incident, I couldn’t bring myself to, it since I just saw your younger boy hit you multiple times while throwing a tantrum. Although I am not sure why he did that, I wish it was because you took away his music… but you didn’t. It’s still on, and it’s still loud.

So… Panera Mom, while I understand you might be having a tough day, you might not be the only one. I am not asking you to be a perfect parent, but would love it if you would show a bit more respect for those around you. I’m sure your children would benefit greatly from it too.

Although I didn’t mean to rant about my day, I am still baffled by the amount of people who don’t share the same respect I have for myself and the people around me.  As I said before, I am not a perfect parent, but I try really hard to teach my daughters right from wrong, and especially respecting others.  That respect I try to teach them… well, it starts with my own actions.  As parents, we have to set a good example for our children.  It’s not enough to preach without practicing what we preach.

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When One Cup Just Isn’t Enough


I was so excited to go to a little cafe near my house, grab a warm cup of soup, read and write. So Excited!

While ordering my food, I looked around the cafe for the perfect little nook I could sink into for the afternoon. I found it, put my bags down and waited for my name to be called. It was so cold outside.

A Warm Cup Of Soup was just what I needed.

As soon as it was ready, I grabbed my plate of food off the counter and sat. A deep breath later, It was time to eat. I took my first bite hoping for some mouth-watering flavor, but practically spit it out instead. It was disgusting. Normally, I would tell a waitress that the food was awful. The little cafe I was in didn’t have any waitresses though. There was nobody for me to tell, unless I wanted to wait in a long line of excited patrons waiting to order their own warm cup of “not so delicious” soup. Never mind the wait though, what would I say when I got to the front? “Oh, by the way, your soup sucks.”

I tried to finish it. Really, I did. The more I ate, the more sick I felt, but I was just so hungry. Then, I saw the soup of my dreams sitting next to me. A woman was eating exactly what I had wished for before ordering my cup from hell. The envy I felt was nothing compared to the growling in my belly. So, I did it. I threw away my soup, waited in line again, and ordered another bowl, hoping nobody would notice that I was ordering for a second time. Of course that didn’t happen. The girl behind the counter made me feel more uncomfortable than ever with her confused stare… Then she asked, “Was everything ok? Didn’t you just order a full meal?” At that moment, I felt shame, and embarrassment.  Somehow though, it didn’t last, nor did it matter.  I got to enjoy a great cup of soup, just like I had planned.

* Photo Credit: Pinterest
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You Won’t Find Any Pictures Here

If you live in New England like I do, I. Am. Sorry.

I don’t know about you, but I am (and have been), experiencing random emotions ranging from anger, to frustration, to sadness and even signs of madness. All this from one word… SNOW. This winter has been torture.

I take back everything I EVER said about loving the seasons we are “so fortunate” to have here in New England. In years past, I looked forward to Winter… and Spring, and Summer, and Fall. Right now, I can’t even look forward to Spring because there is NO SPRING in site. In fact, we may never have Spring this year because it will take the whole season just to melt the snow that has accumulated.

So… I’ve been depressed. I’m a little mad at the higher power causing all of this and wonder… if this is a joke you are playing on us, you got us. The joke is over and no longer funny. I promise though, I did laugh at the first few storms, but I’m no longer laughing. Instead, I have tears. Tears of sadness, and frustration. Tears for all the times that I want to get up and do something, but cannot bring myself to do anything because it’s too cold, and slushy outside… because it is too dangerous to drive… because I just don’t want to look out my window for fear of more snow falling. Tears for my little Chihuahua, who now waits less than a millisecond in front of the door to go out before sneaking around trying to find a good “indoor” pee spot. Tears for this lovely little nook I call my blog, for without the ability to experience the outside world, I have less and less material to write with.

How are you doing this Winter?  Are you as miserable as I am?

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Currently 05 : Stuff I Love

It feels good to get back to basics and post about some of my current favorites…


1.  T-Shirt from Kitsel : I absolutely L♥VE this New Skool “Headphones” T-Shirt I found on Kitsel for my daughters!  It seriously rocks!

2.  Legend Bracelet : The Legend bracelet I found on Coordinates.com is my ultimate “want” gift this Valentines day!  I am a sap for anything with sentimental value, and I would love (hint hint) THIS bracelet with the coordinates of my daughters birth on it, since they were both born in the same hospital.

3.  Kindle Paperwhite : My Kindle is my companion.  She (yes, I refer to her as a “she”), keeps me company often.  I literally bring her with me everywhere I go, and have to say that my Kindle Unlimited subscription is even more of a bonus!  I have read so many books the past few days for “free” that the mere $9.99/month I pay for it, has put a tiny dent in my wallet in comparison to what I would have spent if I didn’t have the subscription.

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Weekend Reads – Valentines Day Edition

WEEKENDREADS-VDAYBoy do I have some good stuff for you this weekend!  Since Valentines day is just around the corner, I wanted to share some love-filled goodness from around the web.

Here are some of my favorite finds:

Is there really anything better than giving your child the gift of reading? I don’t think so, which is why I love this post from Made By Girl on Books For KIDS On Vday! You can read her book recommendations here.

Looking for a Valentines treat? Kleinworth & Co featured adorable Hearts & Kisses Cream Cheese Mints! You can learn to make them here.

I know I already posted some great book recommendations from Made By Girl, but I had to share the adorable Valentines themed gift ideas from her site too! Check them out here.

Whether you have a Valentine this year or not, you should always be your own Valentine too! The Girl Who Knows, posted an awesome list of 14 Ways To Be Your Own Valentine! Read all 14 here.

Where would we be without Romantic fonts for design! Dotted design listed 6 of the most romantic fonts ever. Check them out here.

There is always love in the air and I can honestly say that there is nothing more beautiful than witnessing the love between newlyweds! That said, I had to feature Jasmine Stars Favorite Wedding Photos from 2014. You can see her beautiful work here.

That’s it for this weekends reads! Enjoy!

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Remember The Sweet Valley Twins Books?

Who can forget about Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield…


They were polar opposites that stole our hearts!

Oh, my Generation X heart skips a beat when I think of the fun times I had reading these books!

The Sweet Valley Twins books were the first series I read and I remember having a hard time putting their books down, never mind the excitement I had going to the book store to buy more.  There was a day that I read 3 (YES, 3) of these books in one sitting!  Ok, so I never said that I had much of a life, but still… I LOVED THESE BOOKS!

They were the “It” Twins for Generation X girls

Being an only child, I think I lived vicariously through Elizabeth and Jessica.  I don’t even think I preferred one over the other.  I LVED them both equally.  I don’t know what got me thinking about them, but I found some used copies on-line and cannot wait to hear what my daughters think of them.  I’m praying they aren’t too out-dated.

Seriously though, didn’t you LOVE these books as much as I did?  Do you think kids today will like them as much as we did?

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