Start Your Morning With This Drink

Waken your senses with this elixir…


It’s The Perfect Cup O’ Joe.  I finally decided to switch up my morning coffee with a warm and healthy alternative with a kick!  It’s this fantastic elixir filled with powerful antioxidants, an alkalizing power food, and much more.  You too can reap the benefits of this amazing cocktail.  It’s sure to waken your senses every day!  Check out the recipe below.



Do you have an elixir you consider golden like I do?  Leave me a comment below with your favorite morning drink!

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How To Help Your Anxiety

It’s that feeling… the kind that makes you feel completely uncomfortable with yourself and everything around you…


I know you’ve felt it before.  We all have… and it’s the worst!

Anxiety.  It starts with a bit of discomfort.  I wish I could say it stayed little, but it rarely does.  It’s almost like a little pellet just waiting to burst inside you.  First, you feel the little nagging thing, then, without notice, it bursts inside you and then… it consumes you.  You can’t even get it out of you because before you know it, it is EVERYWHERE.  Literally!  It’s in your back, and then suddenly, you can’t sit in your chair any more… it’s in your fingers, and now typing becomes a chore.  It darts to every single part of your body, disabling each functioning part of you until finally, you just want to crack.  Instead though, you almost stop breathing, because even that is too overwhelming.

Now, what if you could stop it before the damn pellet burst?  It takes A LOT of practice, but you can.  TRUST ME!  I know how awful anxiety is and how much easier it would be just to take a little pill to help it go away.  Really, I do… and I believe in the pills because damn it, they do help!  But… you can live without the pills… with A LOT of practice, but the practice teaches you more than just how to break the anxiety.  Practicing helps you regain your own strength.  It’s about breathing through the anxiety.  Really BREATHING! I’m talking the kind of breathing where you force yourself to stop thinking about everything except for the air going in through your nose and out of your mouth. S.L.O.W.L.Y.  Seriously, don’t breathe in and out fast.  It doesn’t work.  You need to calm your system down, not speed it up.  Once you’ve regained control of your breathing, mind and body (and trust me, the simple breathing can do this), replace your thoughts with gratitude.  The gratitude, I promise, will stop the things that make you anxious rear their ugly heads again.

I’m terrible at asking for comments, but would really love it if you left one!  I’d love to hear your thoughts and if you’ve ever suffered from anxiety too?

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How To Create The Life You Want


We are all artists.  So, why are you letting your talent go unnoticed.

Driven by passion, blocked by fear… I get it.  If you haven’t started creating the life you imagined… well, what the hell are you waiting for?  I found this quote today… again:

“Let Your Mind Be Free Of All That Would Prevent Success Today.”

It’s from “A Course In Miracles” and is POWERFUL!  It was written in a “quote journal” I made.  Immediately, I wrote the quote on my planner pages for this week.  I might have to write it on all my planner pages as a daily reminder.  Needless to say, after reading it first thing in this morning, I started doing what every artist does… CREATE.  I made another leap towards my life goal and succeeded.


The power of words is amazing!  I never knew how impactful they could be.  Create your own mantra today, or just use mine for the week.  Every time you feel you are veering off the path to your goal, recite the mantra over and over.  Trust me, and in yourself, it works.

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When You Should Slow Down

It just might be time to slow down.  The holiday season is definitely behind us… so why do we need a break so badly?


With the holiday season over, I have grasped at every chance to keep busy, catch up on my missed work, and not let the lack of events get me down.

I’m so fortunate to have a job that calls for daily inspiration.  Like most writers, artists, and designers, I try to take in everything around me that I can.  From a perfectly placed coffee table book, to luxurious colors on a scarf, there is inspiration everywhere!  Gosh, we are all so blessed to have this!  But it’s just one of the things that keep my mind so occupied, that I barely give myself a chance to breathe… Then, there are my kids, and keeping them occupied… and so on… you get it.

Although I like to keep busy, there comes a time, and we all get there, when we need to take a break and relax our minds and bodies.  This weekend, take the break you need. Get outside (no matter how cold it is), and do some deep breathing.  Curl up on your couch with a cup of tea and a good book, or just watch re-runs of your favorite show.  I don’t care what it is that relaxes you, just do it.

Do you feel like you need a break too?  

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As If Getting Older Isn’t Tough Enough!

Dear Nature, 

I understand there is no stopping you from taking your course, but this… really?


I was sitting in my kitchen, minding my business when I heard A LOT of chuckling laughing.  It was the sound of my two “angels” in the next room.  They were on their iPads… looking at photographs they had taken… of my head.

Yes, my head.  They were laughing while counting the number of gray hair they could see in the pictures they had taken of me.  I didn’t realize this at first.  You see, my little one came over after about 20 minutes of pure laughter and started taking pictures of my head. When I asked her why she was taking pictures of me, she answered, “because Mommy, I love how sparkly those silver hairs of yours are.”  < crickets >

Well, regardless of my “beautiful sparkly silver hair” making my girls laugh, I still have not conceded to the fact that I am getting older, and that it might be time to start coloring my hair.  I’m not sure if embracing this aging process is a good thing or just making me a martyr.

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What I Hate About Unconditional Love

Before I became a parent, I never understood the magnitude of emotions that would run through my body. Motherhood is something I love, yet there are days I wouldn’t wish it upon anyone in the world. I always wonder how something so heavenly could also scare me to death! When I let the emotions that come with mothering children get the best of me, it usually ends with me, helplessly spiraling down to the point of no return. Did I mention the tears?


L.O.V.E. You know, the unconditional kind. It’s overwhelming, beautiful and even makes me want to puke. It’s the double-edged-sword that comes with being a parent. The love itself is overwhelming… then, there are those catastrophic thoughts that we humans are unfortunately suckers for. Don’t even act like you never have them! We all do… and they really do suck the life out of you!

Since I cannot kick this unconditional love thing to the curb… and I have been trying (so far, unsuccessfully) to stop it from getting the best of me by trying, (even more desperately) to change my thought patterns every time I start having those pesky catastrophic thoughts.  At this point, it’s a matter of sanity.  Please tell me friends, do you have the same types of feelings that I do?  When you think of your kids, do you sometimes worry that something awful might happen to them?  How about something terrible happening to you, and you not being able to take care of them or be there for your little ones any more?  Do you have similar fears?  How often do you let your fears consume you?

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My Husband Does This

The Moment I Realized That My Husband Does The Same Thing For Me That I Do For My Dog… Yes,  I’m talking about this mean fighting machine…


I never wanted to tell my husband to stop doing this because I always thought to myself, I’m so lucky to have a man who tries so hard to please me… Until now… Now, it’s all starting to make sense.

So you all might envy me, since my husband rubs my back every night as I slip into a deep slumber.  It’s really nothing to be jealous of.  In fact, it’s one of the most frustrating things ever!

It’s like clockwork every night.  As soon as I turn my body and shut my eyes, my husband starts to rubs my back. His hand rubs the same spot on my back, for what seems like forever, until I fall asleep (or so he thinks).  Last night, I realized that I am EXACTLY the same as him, only I do the same thing to my dog.  The difference, Cooper likes it (or so I think).  If I don’t rub his back, or leg, or foot, he grumbles and barks.

And so I keep rubbing his back, and leg, and foot, until he starts to snore, just to shut him up because I need my peace.

So now, I get it!  D’s generosity has nothing to do with me… he just wants to shut me up because he too, needs some peace… but… since he doesn’t read my posts, I’m going to let him keep rubbing my back every night.  It’s like my secret revenge.

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Classic Solution When You’re A Little Bent

“We are not perfect human beings, nor do we have to pretend to be, but it is necessary for us to be the best version of ourselves we can be.”
– Satsuki Shibuya

It’s not always in the music but today, I let it guide me because it was the only thing absorbing the thoughts flooding my brain since my daughter left for school. After feeling so much better about things yesterday, this morning took a turn for the worst.

As I watched her get on the bus, my only thoughts were that I wished I could take her place. I wish I could absorb the pain she felt again this morning. I wish I could console her enough to help her. I wish I could make her realize that what she’s doing to herself is not ok. I know this because I used to do it too. I wish I had the right words to say to fix it all for her, but I don’t. Nobody does. It’s within her and it’s up to me, and everyone around me to help her see that.

“Mom, I don’t want to go to school because I miss you and daddy. I miss you guys so much and I don’t want to leave you.” Those were her words this morning. I know they are true but that’s not why all of this is happening. Being with us just helps her cope with it.

As a parent, I want to find the cause of my daughters sadness and kill it. Really, I want to take a bat to it and just beat it into the ground. It would be easy to blame her teachers, blame her friends, her coaches, and anyone else she is in contact with. It would be easy to point a finger at any and everything I could but, that would not only make the situation worse, it would be wrong. As parents, we always want to blame someone or something, but need to realize that sometimes, it’s not just one thing. Sometimes, it’s our kids… going through something, and it’s a learning experience; One for both our children and us. Through this suffering, I have already learned to be more tolerant, soft and gentle. My parenting has changed. I have been forced to change.

While listening to my favorite classical music, I allowed gratitude to run over all the negative thoughts I had. I thought about all the good stuff in our lives, remembering this is a set back; Not the end. My baby isn’t perfect. She isn’t supposed to be. Neither am I. Nor am I supposed to be. We are not broken though. We are just bent… a little. Our little bends are what make us though, not break us.


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Dreaded Words My Daughter Said

She asked if we could go somewhere and talk…

The dreaded words that came from my 8-year-old taught me something new today.  For the past few weeks, I’ve tried to teach my little girl not to worry so much, to try not to project or assume the worst in situations, yet there I was, doing the same.

School begins again this week.  We’ve had a great break.  The girls and I have been busy this vacation.  Today was actually one of the only “down” days we had.  We took a quick trip to Barnes and Noble (our happy home away from home).  After getting her hot chocolate, Little Miss 8-year-old asked if we could go somewhere and talk.  I said yes, of course, and left my 7-year-old with my husband to look through some books.  We walked around the store, found a spot surrounded by shelves with animal books and sat down on the ground.  I began dreading the words I thought were going to come out of her mouth.  I feared another week of awful mornings filled with tears because she didn’t want to go to school.  My stomach started to ache, and my heart started beating so fast, I could barely handle it.  I let her lead the conversation.


The unexpected happened.  She really just wanted to hang out with her mom and “just talk.”  She wanted to talk about stuff I hadn’t talked to her about in a long time.  Most of our latest conversations have been about her and how to handle situations she’s been uncomfortable with.  They have been stressful and very painful… for both of us.  Tonight though, my little girl just wanted to talk to her mama.  “Just talk,” and it felt great.

So tonight, like every other night lately, I will hold my palms up to the sky and pray.  I will pray for my babies.  I will pray for them to be ok, for God to look out for them and help them through uncomfortable situations, to hold their hand when I cannot, and to love them.  I will still pray for my strength to get through these times, and to help me be the best parent I can be, even when I get frustrated.  I will still pray, but I will also rest my head on my pillow tonight with a smile and tons of faith, knowing that my baby will get through this.  One day at a time, we will all get through this stage in her life.  I just know it.


How has prayer helped you through tough times?

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