A Cool Geek – That’s What He Said

I always knew I was a bit on the geeky side but never put much thought into it. Recently, my husband made a comment that got me thinking though. He mentioned that I was what he considered a “Cool Geek.” “Huh? What’s a “Cool Geek” I asked?”

Ok, so maybe I had spent an hour browsing the Science Fiction section at Barnes and Noble that day, but the answer he gave me lacked substance. Initially, I disregarded the comment, but then got to thinking… which turned to listing… and, eventually leading to this post.

Things That “Might” Make Me What Is Considered A “Cool Geek” Without A Substantial Description:

  1. I still have the floppy disk I saved my first graphic designs on (which are not good at all).
  2. I am an Asterix Comic book junkie.
  3. I idolize Charles Babbage.
  4. If a Numbers marathon was on TV, I would never leave my couch.
  5. I own a circuit board necklace.
  6. I am a closet Dungeons and Dragons fan.
  7. I think The Last Airbender Rocks and CANNOT WAIT For The Non-Animated series to begin!
  8. The Shins and The Strokes are among my favorite of many bands in that genre.
  9. I recreated an electric conductor science project I did in the 7th grade just because I liked it.
  10. I love playing with Lego’s although the Lego people creep me out.
  11. I cried during the movie Short Circuit (don’t tell me you didn’t).
  12. I wish I could have been a writer for Rolling Stone Magazine during the late 60’s and early 70’s.
  13. I love buying pens, and more pens, and might actually have a pocket protector in my handbag but that is a necessity if you value your handbag.

My list goes on, and maybe I am a bit of a geek (Geekette is the term I prefer), but I am perfectly content with it.

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