A New Holiday Tradition – Giving Tuesday


Give Thanks On Thanksgiving, Receive Deals On Black Friday And Cyber Monday… Why not GIVE on Giving Tuesday?

World Homeless DayThere are so many ways to give this year.  Giving Tuesday is a new holiday tradition for your family, community, company or organization to be a part of.  Join America in bringing back what the holiday’s are supposed to be about… GIVING!

I remember the first time I celebrated the winter holidays.  As I child, they truly were magical!  Thinking about my children, and their excitement during the holidays, I started listing some of my holiday memories from childhood.  I wanted  to write things that came to mind first.  While reading through my list, I was surprised at how it began.  I decided to share the first 5 memories written on my list below:

  1. The smell of cologne on the 2nd floor of a department store I loved.
  2. The sound of a bell ringing every time I entered a grocery store or mall and reaching into my pocket to give the last bit of change left.
  3. The reindeer that came to visit an outdoor plaza with Santa every Christmas season.
  4. The arrival of the latest Christmas songs that made my friends and I laugh hysterically.
  5. The hustle, bustle and fantastic energy in the air I felt.

I was always taught that the holidays were about giving.  The past few years, it seems like people have been more stressed about buying than giving.  In fact, I rarely hear about giving any more, although I know many people who still do.  Giving Tuesday is your chance to not only give, but to spread the word about how you are giving.  It is about embracing and joining a movement that makes everyone feel great during the holidays.

It really takes so little to make a difference.  There is no minimum amount you need to take part in Giving Tuesday.  It is not only about making a financial contribution either.  It is simply a contribution.  Take a moment and look at the various ways that you, your family, community, business or organization can give.  You might be surprised at the options!

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