Another Milestone For My Little One

Julia Belle Cotter Is Losing Her First Tooth!

Work was over and I was on my way to start the second and most important part of my day.  Picking up my daughters and spending some quality family time with them.  I phoned my mother to let her know I was on the way.  Little did I know that my simple and typically predictable call would result in another milestone for one of my daughters.

“Julia Belle Cotter has a loose tooth” exclaimed my mother!  I could hear Julia’s excitement in the background.  Not only did she turn 5 a few weeks ago, she finally had her first loose tooth!  She had been waiting for this moment ever since her big sister lost her first tooth.  There is a slight possibility that she accelerated the loosening of the tooth a bit… Regardless, her tooth is loose and she is ecstatic!

Our little Julia has pushed her independence lately.  She no longer wants to be Talia’s little sister and every so often, I hear her mention things like “we are so close in age that it’s like we are twins Talia!”  I realize that she may feel like she is in her sister’s shadows all the time but little does she know what an individual she is.  Filled with personality, a knack for making anyone laugh, the biggest and one of the most beautiful smiles I have ever seen and the innate ability to make people simply adore her without her having to say a single word, she is truly special!  Of course, I am her parent therefore am biased… even so, she, like every other child in the world is beyond special.  She is a blessing like all the rest and I am happy to savor every moment I have with her as well as take each milestone of hers and make it yet another incredible moment she will never forget!

Love you my Julia Belle Cotter!

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