Best Personalized Valentines Day Gift

Personalized Child Signature Necklace
There’s no imitating the unique wonder that is a child. Try as they might, no adult can imitate the sheer innocence in a child’s eyes, the twisting paths of a child’s imagination, or the scrawled delight of a child’s artwork. This necklace from designer Kim Jakum lets you proudly treasure this fleeting moment in a child’s life. She custom engraves a child’s unique signature onto a small panel of fine silver, and suspends it from a delicate, sterling silver bead chain. Each one also has a different textured pattern on the back, adding visual interest even when the pendant flips over during wear. Able to accommodate different lengths of names, and can come individually or in a cluster for multiple children or grandchildren. Handmade in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin. Extra pendants available upon request for an additional upcharge.

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