Black Is My Happy Color but…

BlackHave you heard of color psychology? Until recently, I paid little attention to it… and then it happened…

A friend of mine (who I adore), emailed me “one of those stupid questionnaires” that you can’t help but take (as if you have nothing better to do with your time).  Of course, I fell for the bait and took it (cursing her the whole time).

The Q&A was about my favorite color (which is black), and the meaning behind it.  The results were astounding!

They were both Dead On and Dead Wrong…

… which is actually Dead On since black represents a lack of color <enter giant question mark here>?  Right???

If you took a peek in my closet you would see a wall lined with multiple black shirts, all slightly different, yet similar… another wall lined with pants in black, from suits to sweats, and of course dress shoes, boots, flip-flops and slippers, all black of course.  In each corner though, you will find a bit of white, grey and an occasional burst of color (which is rarely worn).  Although it’s really easy to put things together seamlessly when everything matches, I have found that I am actually physically and mentally drawn to the color.  So I did some more research and learned a bit about color psychology.

So according to “credible” sources on the internet, black may be the absorption of all color and the absence of light, and supposedly hides, while white brings things to light… Black is also considered a color that someone would wear because they are insecure or trying to hide something while, at the same time it exudes power and intimidation…

It’s quite the controversial color!  I am starting to like black a lot more than I thought I did!

So here are some other things I learned about the color black and people who are obsessed with like it as much as I do:

  • Black absorbs negative energy (Love this!)
  • Black implies independence and strong-will
  • Too much black can cause depression <crickets>
  • Loving the color black could mean you are non-emotional <more crickets>
  • You may seem intimidating and/or have an authoritative or dictatorship attitude…Ouch!
  • Black also exudes mystery, strength, and elegance.

Black reminds me of this little proverb: She is clothed in strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future. Proverbs 31:25

The Result: Black is one of the most misunderstood colors.  A bandit wears black, so does a lady to a cocktail party… hence, Black (for me, being what I wear often), is my happy color (maybe not yours) – But, It Does Not DEFINE Me… Just as your exterior, or what you wear, should not DEFINE you.  Stay judgement free!

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4 Responses to Black Is My Happy Color but…

  1. amit Rajpurohit says:

    “Controversial… Like it more.”. Does then, the increased liking purely have its origin thus ? i mean on account of the controversy (can controversy create ?? Or does it simply re – … Cant get the right word kindle / assemble ? )

    Read some thing interesting a while back though ‘ i see clarity in the exploration of ambiguity.

    • Ah, good question. I like it regardless. After researching the definition though, I was amused. Every answer I found, no matter the source, was filled with one contradiction after another. A bit like human nature I suppose. Many people are walking contradictions depending on subject matter too. I like to keep my posts light.

  2. I might like black a bit more now, and not just for their slimming affect. I just told my hubby this morning that I need some more black tanks and t-shirts. I do love color though and don’t own much black. I wear the black to make other colors pop more.