My camera has apps

We have come so far in technology, yet, the tech industry still amazes me daily!  Recently, I mentioned ( a few times) my relationship with Sony.  (Can you tell I’m still stoked about it?)  Never did I think that ANYONE would make it so easy for me to not only learn more about photography through my camera but… make it really easy to have extra fun with it!

Now let’s get to the good stuff!  Sure, I am learning all about aperture, depth of field, and many other terms and ways to shoot, I am fortunate enough to have a camera with all the bells and whistles of a photography app built right in!  Woot!  If this sounds like a corny representation of my camera (the Sony NEX-5R), SO.BE.IT.  I cannot stress enough how much I really LOVE my NEX!  The camera rocks!

Today’s featured APP… “POP”

No, really, it’s called “POP” and it really makes the colors in your photographs… POP!  Take the one below… I took this during a gardening session at our home (no worries, I am still “without green thumb” and did not really partake in any of the dirty work).  It’s a shovel.  Yes, a simple shovel.  Now look at the difference in the red of the shovel.  Picture #1: taken using “POP” & Picture #2 taken with an automatic setting.  You tell me which one you think looks better?

 photo 59ef73cc-ccd7-4d96-87df-97415b7ed73e_zps6c4094ff.jpg
 photo 8d0bce6d-bce2-4c6d-84ef-a5eefd4f5658_zps40a4c8f6.jpg


*I’m part of the Sony Club blogger program by Sony Electronics where a group of talented bloggers have been given the opportunity to test and review Sony gear.
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  3. i feel like such a pro with our new toy!