Celebrate World Water Day – March 22, 2013


Did you know that almost 2,000 children are dying every day because of unsafe drinking water and poor sanitation?  In fact, 11% of our world’s population do not have safe drinking water.  That equates to about 783 Million people!

Imagine you, carrying a parasitic worm in your body.  Now, imagine carrying 1,000 parasitic worms!  Unfortunately, that is not atypical for children in environments without safe drinking water.  There are so many reasons to join WaterAid America with their quest to solve the world’s water problems.  WaterAid America uses a practical approach.  Their solutions to give safe drinking water and better sanitation to the world’s developing countries make sense, and are sustainable.  Their solutions are also community specific.

Intestinal worms, diarrhea, disease, problems for the elderly and disabled are just a few of the negative effects unsafe water conditions have in developing countries.  Remember, 2,000 children each day are dying because of the lack of safe water and sanitation.  That’s almost 700,000 children each year dying.  Those numbers alone should be enough to realize we all need to work together and help WaterAid with their mission.

If those numbers resonate with you, then celebrate with me in a Google+ hangout, and MAKE YOUR MARK for World Water Day 2013:

Learn more about the mission by joining WaterAid America and leading experts in the fight against water poverty for a Google+ hangout marking World Water Day 2013 on Friday, March 22 at 1:30pm EST / 5:30pm GMT at http://ow.ly/iZCdj

World Water Day Is About Joining Together As A Global Community To Eradicate The Devastating Effects Of Unsafe Drinking Water And Poor Sanitation.

For more great information on water aid, see below:
Background on WaterAid America’s World Water Day campaign
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  2. I agree those numbers are alarming!! I’m sharing your post – happy World Water Day!

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