When Your Child Is Bullied

“Trust me, everything will be different when you get older.”

But I wasn’t older yet, and I was doing everything the greatest thought leaders told me to do… “Live In The Present.”


Maybe, just maybe, that’s why it took me so long to start “Living In The Present,” and understanding its power.

When I was younger, the terms “present, now, and this moment,” prevented me from believing in a better future. I was so consumed by my “then” reality that I couldn’t begin to imagine a positive future.

  • I was bullied constantly.
  • I was afraid to go to school every day.
  • Some days, I didn’t think things could get worse… and then they did.
  • I cried every night.
  • I contemplated suicide.

As parents, You need to be the people who make your children smile, check up on them often, make sure they know you want the very best for them. Your children need you to watch out for them… always. Yes, your kids may take you for granted. Eventually though, they will get it;

It will all make sense to them, because remember, when they are little, people like that are hard to find.

They need you more than they know.

Looking back, my parents didn’t always have the right answers, nor did they always know what to say to make me feel better… but they were always there. They let me cry, they wiped my tears, they made me smile and laugh, but most of all, they made me feel safe. Nobody could have done what they did for me; NOBODY knew me like they did.  My parents saved me.

No matter how much our kids push us away, or how little they share with us, they need to know how important they are to us and that we will always be there for them.

Have you experienced bullying?  What about your children?  Please leave me a message or comment below if you have any thoughts about this topic.  Every story impacts someone and I want to hear yours.

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2 Responses to When Your Child Is Bullied

  1. Carlyn says:

    That’s sad that you experienced bullying like that. I wasn’t bullied very often as a child but when I was I didn’t want to go to school and I was very sad as well. I think the best thing that a parent can do is to talk to their children and to let their teacher know about the bullying. As a teacher, I’m not always aware about what is happening in the playground. For example, one time I was surprised when a parent told me that their child had a bad day because some children teased him. I was surprised because I thought the boy had a great day. He did really well in class so I rewarded him by giving him some colourful erasers. I didn’t know that the other boys teased him at lunch time and called him a teacher’s pet. I didn’t know he went home feeling bad.

    So we talked to the boys about it and the matter was settled. It was the first time I realised that I didn’t know every thing that went on with the children. I thought I knew most of what was happening in school from hearing their conversations in class time and the children do tell me things but sometimes you miss something.

    • It definitely wasn’t easy to understand as a child which only made things tougher. Although bullying was addressed while I was in school, I definitely think awareness has grown and it is managed differently today. I love that you gave your perspective as a teacher. I think that parents definitely need to let teachers know if their child is going through something with his/her peers. It doesn’t surprise me that you weren’t aware of it since typically, when teasing occurs, it’s usually when kids won’t get caught. :)