Children | Sports | Activities | When Do You Draw The Line?

In my case, draw the line is quite the opposite.  Instead of having my girls in too many activities, I don’t have them in enough.  Currently, it’s dance.  That is it.  I work full-time, my husband works full-time, and most activities for my daughter’s age group occur while we are working.

That is not the whole reason though.  I, unfortunately, may have a fear of commitment when it comes to extracurricular activities for my girls.  I have signed them up on a few occasions and not followed through with the class.  What I mean, is that I schlep them to 3 to 5 classes and then the desire fizzles out…  Does that make me a bad person?  NO!  It means that my children were not overly enthusiastic about the activity, it didn’t fit well into any of our schedules and personally, not a top priority at the time.

I am changing though.  I chose to commit to one, which I go to every week regardless of what plans may come our way.  It is a priority, like school and we are sticking to it.  My problem is a bit different.  My daughters are 4 and 5.  They go to school all week, are tired and love spending quality time with mom and dad over the weekend.  Many of their friends on the other hand are involved in numerous activities all week-long.  My plan is to start them in gymnastics and soccer when the next season starts.  Initially, I thought about waiting another year until they settled into the newness of long school days.  I did not want to overdo it.  Unfortunately, I have decided against that.  The reasoning… I do not want my girls to feel inferior or loose some self-esteem because all of the other children, the same age as my girls, will have had a few years under their belt in the same activities, and be able to participate on a different level.

Tough decision for sure.  I have two options though… I just hope the decision I have made ends up being the right one.

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