Cooking Up A Storm

There is a heat wave among us here in Massachusetts. Dead smack in the heart of it, my daughter decided the stomach bug was the perfect addition to our misery…

With the air conditioning on high, the shades down (to avoid added heat), and a trash bucket next to the couch, there was little to do but watch her sleep, puke, sleep, puke and get some t.v. time in between. Going stir crazy and missing our daily trip to the pool club, I had nothing better to do than experiment with a yummy summer recipe… hence, the creation of a delicious and cool cucumber soup for the whole family!  Even the heavens gave me a round of applause after this concoction!  The thunder and heat lightning following our meal was fantastic!

 photo aa52dbf9-e7f7-423f-87c3-f8fe61dd00e9_zpsb6085ff3.jpg


  • 4 Cucumbers
  • 2 Lemons
  • Fresh Mint Leaves
  • A Pinch Of Minced Garlic
  • Raw Sour Cream


  • In a blender, mix the cucumbers (diced), with a pinch of garlic, lemon zest and juice from the lemons.
  • Serve with a tablespoon of raw sour cream and some chopped fresh mint leaves.

Sound easy?  Well, it is!  It’s also tasty and refreshing!  Enjoy!

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