Dead Can Dance

Mesmerizing Music – Dead Can Dance

Music infused with mesmerizing melodies, perfectly integrated instruments, and a background beat that can put you in a trance…

With Brendan Perry and Lisa Gerrard on vocals, and the bands fantastic instrumentals, it’s hard to determine what keeps me replaying Dead Can Dance on my iPod. I’m not even certain the music fits into a specific genre. From Middle Eastern sounds, with a Gregorian flare and modern day beats, Dead Can Dance has created their own mold. Perry’s deep voice is more than appealing, while Lisa Gerrard’s vocals are feminine yet robust. Even their duos are incredible.

Dead Can Dance is one of my guilty pleasures… Since we are all adults here (I think), I have to say that their music reminds me of mind boggleing S.E.X. Yes, I said it.  I am red in the face, completely embarrassed that I put that out there, but at least I am being honest!

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