Do It Today!

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Imagine waking up to that daily? It’s what I do now. I always thought that as long as I had the right intentions, I didn’t need added motivation. Since in my head, I had certain goals in mind for myself and I wanted to meet them, I’d always do what I had to… right???

WRONG! On a normal “goal achieving” day, I’d wake up, have a delicious protein shake, make the kids breakfast (not cheat by taking a quick bite of their waffles or the crusts of their sandwiches I’d cut off), drop them off to school, then drive straight to the gym for a positive workout.

Take, for example, another “goal achieving” day… I’d wake up to a sky filled with clouds and rain beating down on my house… drag myself out of bed, throw on some comfortable clothes and my Hunter boots, my hair in a bun, make the kids breakfast (stealing a bite here and there), make the kids lunch (eat the crust), drive them to school, then go straight home for a rainy day cat-nap! Ahhh… sounds good doesn’t it? To bad the night before my “goal” was not the same as it played out…

Then comes the daily mantra or “reminder” as I like to call it. Wake up to an alarm going off, but just above the shut-off (or sometimes snooze button), is a little piece of paper with the perfect set of words on it to start any day right!

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