Faith: Fear Faith And Wi-Fi


I “know” when I turn my laptop on that I will be able to wirelessly access the internet through my wifi. When I can’t see the sun shining behind clouds, I still “know” it is there. This “knowing” is “believing,” which is the equivalent to “faith.”

Faith is so often misunderstood. Typically it is associated with religion but it is so much more. We all practice faith in our daily lives, yet are so quick to negate having faith when it comes to things that seem unattainable or require hard work.


The answer unfortunately, is usually because of fear. Since we are conditioned to be fearful of failure, when something seems unattainable or cannot be seen, the thought of failure invokes fear, in turn causing us to lose faith.

I love this quote:
“Fear and Faith have something in common. They both ask us to believe in something we cannot see.” – Joel Osteen

To have faith is to see light with your heart when all your eyes see is darkness. If we let our faith be bigger than our fear, things we thought unattainable may only be the beginning of what we are capable of.

So, what can you take from this… Your future is only as bright as your faith.

Elevate | 2014

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4 Responses to Faith: Fear Faith And Wi-Fi

  1. RichRed says:

    I understand what you mean! And I agree with Joel Osteen’s quote that fear and faith have something in common… simply put, it’s all in the mind! Fear is actually a contradiction of faith, so in the midst of a situation – no matter what it is!!! – I think of faith-filled thoughts instead. Always works for me! :)

    • Love your take on that! I’ve been trying to focus on faith as well! It’s been nothing short of positive for me!

      • amit Rajpurohit says:

        Well focus is an interesting term that you chose.. As it to me is not mind stuff, its not conviction, its somethinh more than belief. ” it just ‘ is’ “.

        • I understand what you are saying. In respect to me using the term focus, I was specifically referring to me not allowing my thoughts to get away from me. If I believe in something such as a goal, focusing on my belief and faith in myself is very important. Sometimes, outside perspectives and even rejection can steer one in the wrong direction. I have been there. It’s something I never want to happen again.