If I Were A Minion…

They captured our hearts… and then we realized they resemble our children…

This probably should have been my Wordless Wednesday post, but… I’ve never posted a Wordless Wednesday post that I didn’t have words for… Some of you may not know my children… for those of you who do, I’m certain you understand the honesty behind the picture above.

Oh Julia, my Julia… We knew the day she was born that we had a bit of an extremist on our hands. When she was happy, she was so happy you couldn’t wipe the smile off her face, but when she was hungry, sad, or angry, she cried SCREAMED!  The decibel level didn’t vary according to just how hungry, sad or angry she was.  None of that mattered. The only thing Julia cared about was that the whole world heard her ROAR (Katy Perry, eat your heart out! That was Julia’s song first!), leaving everyone to assume she was being tortured by me, while I only longed to hide from the nasty looks being thrown my way until Julia calmed down… which never happened fast enough.  Little did they know that I was not the one torturing her… Nope, I am still recovering from the emotional discomfort she caused me, when she was “in a mood.

but, as my mother always said… “Oh Shivani, your time will come… and when it does, you will understand. Just remember, it usually comes in spades.”

Remind me to thank you someday mom!

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