Mortality – Hitchens – Cancer

Mortality, “Until you have done something for humanity you should be ashamed to die.” -Horace Mann

Cancer… A word nobody wants to hear.  As a person who shy’s away from movies and books that don’t have a positive ending or consume me with an overwhelming sense of sadness, I never thought I would be as intrigued as I am to read the book “Mortality” by Christopher Hitchens.

Vanity Fair, a favorite magazine of mine, often published essays by Hitchens. While reading each essay, the one thing that stood out was they were raw. Leaving out the minutia, Christopher Hitchens had a way with facing his own death and writing about it.  His writing allowed readers to delve into an unknown world for many… facing death. Hitchens essays are sarcastic and honest.  During his “year of living dyingly,” each essay exudes the reality of cancer taking over his body, eventually leading to his demise.  Through it all, he never feels sorry for himself, showing profound bravery rarely seen.


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