My Under-Active Thyroid AKA Mean Moth

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Today was pretty typical, minus the obnoxious sinusitis like allergy symptoms that are knocking the crap out of me!  Oh yeah, and the surprise letter I received from my doctor’s office which read:

I have just received your test results and I would like to share them with you:

We checked how well your thyroid gland was functioning.  Details as follows:

TSH: blah blah blah: Normal Range

FT4: blah blah blah: OUT OF RANGE


Ok, so I know I have been extraordinarily tired lately (maybe even borderline narcolepsy), and I realize I have put on a “little” bit of weight (being only 5’2″, every pound makes a difference), and really thought maybe I was going through some sort of depression for no reason whatsoever but THYROID???

When I went to the doctor and she suggested I get tested for a Thyroid problem, I secretly hoped that was the reason for my issues (but I really didn’t want that “hope” to come to fruition).  I even joked about it… Well, the jokes on me!  Yes folks, caught off guard standing in front of my mailbox, I opened the dreaded letter and the words “OUT OF RANGE” seemed a good 20 font sizes bigger than the rest.

My first instinct: Throw the letter in someone else’s mailbox and pretend you never saw it.

My second instinct: Kick the mailbox.

Reality Check: Deal with it head on and beat the crap out of the monster of an organ that resembles the dreaded moth, (yes, I understand all the medical info states butterfly instead of moth but this is my post) and then kick it to the curb.

The Positive: When I run out of things to write about, I can always tell you stories about the mean moth that lives inside me.

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