Remember When

February 25th, 2013 | Leaving a lovely legacy | To my daughters…

Just over 2 years ago, I took a little business trip to Annapolis, MD. Strolling down the tiny streets, and on our way to a jazz bar, I found a¬†perfect little window display for an even more lovely store. The display held a picture frame with the words to “You Are My Sunshine” on it. Immediately, I fell in love since that was the song I used to sing to both of you when you were infants. Lucky for me, both of you still love the song and we sing it together every-so-often. The store was closed and I was leaving for home early the next morning.

A week later, I received a package at work.

Inside the package was the picture frame! It was from one of the women from our Annapolis office. The gift touched my heart and since then, I fell even more in love with Sugarboo designs!
Sugarboo Designs Art Print Remember When

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