Selling Just Got Easier

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After being introduced to, I couldn’t help but share my internet adventure about how to sell old CDs and DVDs with you!

Browsing the musicMagpie website, I realized that FINALLY, someone decided to take into consideration the frustration internet sellers undergo, and make life a heck of a lot easier for us! With musicMagpie, there is no longer waiting… and waiting… and waiting… did I mention waiting… for a buyer to make a purchase. Then after the sale is made, there is no longer waiting… and waiting… and waiting (you get the gist)… to get paid. Sellers don’t even need to wait until they hit that $50 in sales many sites require (which, in some cases, you may NEVER hit), just before getting paid!

So here is the deal…

Things you can sell on musicMagpie:

  • CD’s
  • DVD’s
  • Games

What it Costs to sell on musicMagpie:

  • NOTHING! Yes, it is actually FREE!

How it works (although my borrowed clip from their website above explains it fully, let me reiterate):

  • Enter your items, OR Scan their bar code using musicMagpie’s trusty App (Yup, it really is that easy)!
  • Sell from 10 to 500 items at a time!!! Whoa!
  • Forget about waiting for your items to sell, all you need to do is ship them to musicMagpie!
  • You choose how you would like to ship your items and musicMagpie will help you ship them for FREE! musicMagpie will actually provide the shipping label for you. You decide whether you would prefer to have it emailed or mailed. Did I mention they allow for items to be picked up at your door? (Yup, just another perk!)
  • Once musicMagpie receives your box of goodies, the fun begins… You GET PAID! Since musicMagpie sends a check to you via mail, you don’t even need to give your banking information on their site! Just your name and address.

Apps for musicMagpie are available for Android and Apple devices to make life even easier for you! Selling truly has never been easier and more convenient! I suggest you check it out! You may never sell elsewhere on the web!

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*This post was sponsored by All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.
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