Sink, swim, or just fly

After 5 years of spending “quality time” with my desk rather than my family, I decided to give my notice.
Have you ever gone out on a limb? Did it break or were you lucky?
Leaving my job was definitely “going out on a limb.” Luckily, I started my soar before the limb broke.

Do I have another job lined up? NO
Do I have a fool proof plan? NO
Do I know yet, after a week and a half, what I am destined to do? NO

What I do know…
It was the boldest move I ever made.
It was invigorating (and still is).
I made the right decision.
My mind is bursting with ideas and I am

free to choose any path I want.

That is the most important part… “FREE TO CHOOSE ANY PATH I WANT.”

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