Social Media T.I.P.P.s – Do Not Do As I Am Still Doing… Unfortunately

Humph.  That pretty much sums up what I say every time I look at my websites home page. You are probably not questioning why, since you must have accessed it if you are this far into my post.  It is called indecisiveness and the desire to be able to do it myself.  It sucks. I know that.  If you have been following my blog at all, you know that the look of this website has gone from awful, to more awful and back to simply awful again.  Don’t do this.

Remember people, YOU ARE BUILDING A BRAND!  Did I know this before starting my site? Yup.  Why didn’t I do something about it prior to launching my site?  It is called ONLY CHILD SYNDROME!  I need to have what I want, when I want it, no matter what the cost.  I don’t mean cost literally, because as you can see, I am doing everything in my power to conserve my money as well by tricking myself into believing that since I taught myself how to build a website, I can also teach myself graphic design and how to make professional looking.  I am a professional.  It would only make sense to do this.  I am also a fool without a fantastic brand.

This weekend, I plan on getting some professional photos  of myself.  I will probably break out into an icky zit face prior to the photo shoot due to stress.  Either that, or I may choose to drink mass amounts of alcohol and eat Chinese food so that I am completely bloated the day of the shoot.  In that case, it will be, yet, another one of my excuses to get out of doing this the right way and building my brand.  Back to the indecisiveness.  The likelihood of this happening is strong.  That my friends, is because now that I have a set date for the photo shoot, it means that I have to decide on the perfect outfit, style for my hair, accessories and the like, which I will never be able to do because I am too indecisive.  If I do go through with it, do not be surprised to see the next picture of me on this website wearing an outfit that consists of black yoga pants, a black shirt, my hair up and nothing more.  It just happens to be my grocery shopping outfit and favorite go to.  Toodles!

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