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This is just the beginning…
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Always interested in photography, I never took the time to really learn what my camera was truly capable of… until…

I, along with 10 others were given the opportunity of a lifetime. We met in beautiful San Diego and were introduced to amazing products created by Sony. My favorite so far, the Sony NEX-5R. After being introduced to the Sony NEX-5R camera, I soon realized I didn’t have to be scared of the camera and all its features. If I messed anything up, it was easy to reset to its default settings. That feature alone was enough to make me realize that I could play with all the settings without fear, thus taking my learning to the next level.

And so it began… my quest to learn more about photography, light, settings, how my camera worked and how I could become more creative in not only my blogging, but my life story… through my lens (and hopefully lenses as I add to my collection of fun). This morning, I woke up to an absolutely beautiful day! The only negative… too much sun (or so I thought). I was ready to experiment with my camera but knew it would be a challenge since sunlight was always difficult for me to photograph in. Regardless, I was on a mission and nothing would stop me.

I cannot wait to share a complete tutorial of a few things I learned this morning but before I do that, here are a couple of pictures I took just for fun before I really started using the proper settings for light, etc…

 photo 0184053d-2b83-4289-ae6e-3d1444d94f69_zpsd7575c0a.jpg
 photo a6913e77-84d1-43ac-a5c7-6d4aa9a2c997_zpse2c86360.jpg
 photo 0bcf0a70-0d42-493e-8efa-26240df0e200_zps396aa69e.jpg

1. Cooper Cotter (aka “The Coop”)
2. Julia spreading the mulch… one shovel at a time…
3. Just one of the beautiful plants in our yard

What to expect in my next post… focusing on one subject or multiple subjects.

*I am part of the Sony Club Blogger Program by Sony Electronics where a group of talented bloggers have been given the opportunity to test and review Sony gear.
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