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Writer – Best Tools For Writers

The Writer… Whether you write for a living, for fun or simply because you have to, there are some tools that are a necessity.  Below are a few that have helped me meander through the wonderful world of writing…  

THE APP… WriteRoom

Finding WriteRoom was one of the best things that happened to me during my writing career.  WriteRoom created something I rarely had being a mother, wife, having a full time job and trying to write on the side… peace.  Sounds odd for an app but WriteRoom created a perfect setting for me to write peacefully.  Oddly enough, WriteRoom is one of the most basic apps I have ever used, yet genius. The name of the app says it all. Open the app and start writing.

The app has been set up so that you have NO distractions while you write. Whether the spelling is incorrect, or you haven’t decided on a font yet, it just doesn’t matter. All of that can be dealt with at a later time within the app itself.  The idea is to write. That is it! Just write!


Before finding the Moleskine journal/notebook, I was a journal/notebook hoarder/junkie.  Every time I went shopping I seemed to come home with “yet another” notebook.  Rarely did I fill the last page with my writing…

Here are the top 3 reasons why I love Moleskin notebooks so much:

  1. They come in all sorts of colors.  My preference is the Moleskine Kraft journal because I can duct tape it however I like!
  2. They are so light, that I bring them everywhere with me.
  3. They are handmade, yet very durable. 

My Smash Folio is my FAVORITE!  It even comes with a great tool attached… Pen… AND Glue Stick!

Things I add in my SMASH Folio:

  1. Things that make me smile,
  2. Concert tickets/Events I go to,
  3. Color combinations that tickle my fancy,
  4. Design ideas,
  5. Quotes I love,
  6. Things my children do,
  7. Memories I never want to forget, and more…

When I lose a bit of inspiration, I take a peek at my journal… Always ignites a spark!

I love how K&CompanySMASH Folios claim the Smash Folio is the “unscrapbook” for people who don’t have time or think they aren’t creative!

THE BOOKS… Inspirational Books For Writers

I have a few… The book I read which helped me decide to start my blog and more is The DIGITAL MOM HANDBOOK.  Written by two successful Mom Bloggers, this book is the real deal.

The second book… WRITING DOWN THE BONES.  This is a recent read/love of mine… The moment I started reading, everything Natalie Goldberg wrote resonated with me.  Life as a full time mom, wife, career woman and writer, finding time to write is difficult.  Finding time to read is even harder… unless you find a book like this one!  Then, you make time to read.  I sure did!


Experienced editor or not, we all need a great book on grammar.  The Blue Book of Grammar and Style is clear, easy to read and breaks everything down in a simplistic way.

THE THESAURUS…The Merriam-Webster Thesaurus

Experienced editor or not, we all need a great thesaurus.  My favorite is The Merriam-Webster Thesaurus.  It’s affordable and I really like how it is organized.  How often I find myself trying to describe something… and then it happens… I read what I wrote and realize that I used the same descriptive word 3 times.  Well, since that descriptive word is on the tip of my tongue, stuck in my head, nearly causing writers block… I have no choice but to resort to a trusty thesaurus!  It also helps when you are trying to sound smart… (wink, wink)…

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Affiliate Marketing – Increase Website Earnings – Top 30 Websites For Affiliates

Listen to a bestseller for $7.49 at audible.com!
Affiliate Marketing, also called Performance Based Marketing, is a tool that many website owners and bloggers utilize to increase earnings on their website.  Affiliates are not just for profit though.  If implemented properly, Affiliate Marketing can raise your websites rank by increasing traffic as well as link-building which is imperative for SEO. 

There are various Affiliate Marketing platforms and options available for website owners and bloggers.  Before you begin working with Affiliate programs, you should be aware of some of the common terms used to describe how publishers make money through each program.  Below are a list of common terms used as well as a list of some great websites offering opportunities for you to make extra money.

Acronyms Commonly Used By Affiliate Marketing Programs


CPA/PPA (Cost-Per-Action/Pay-Per-Action)

Advertisers typically pay for a completed sale.  The payout is usually a fixed rate paid to the publisher who directed the user to the advertiser’s website.

CPC/EPC/PPC (Cost-Per-Click/Earnings-Per-Click-Pay-Per-Click)

Commissions paid to the publisher based on the number of clicks that the ad placed on behalf of the advertiser generates.

CPL/PPL (Cost-Per-Lead/Pay-Per-Lead)

Advertisers pay for leads that are generally qualified and interested in the product.  The consumer leaves their contact information for the advertiser/product.  After submission, the advertiser pays the publisher that directed the consumer to their website.

CPM (Cost-Per-1000 Impressions)

The advertiser chooses to pay the publisher a rate for every thousand impressions on the web page their advertisement is featured on.

CPS (Cost-Per-Sale)

The publisher directs a consumer to the advertiser’s website/product.  Once the consumer makes a purchase, the advertiser is paid a percentage based on the sales transaction.

CPV/PPV (Cost-Per-View/Pay-Per-View)

Normally used with pop-up and pop-under advertising.  An advertiser pays the publisher when their ad window appears on a user’s browser.

Now that you have an idea of the terms commonly used in Affiliate Marketing, review the websites mentioned below.  The information provided will help determine programs that will help increase revenues for your website or blog. 


Ways To Make Money



Contextual Ads, CPC/PPC


CPC Banners, Product And Display Banners, In Text Ads, CPV/PPV Ads, CPS

Admanage offers numerous ways to make money through your website.  They have a variety of ads that can be placed on your website.


Adversal offers in-page pop-ups and pop-unders.  They pay on a CPM basis and US traffic has the highest payout.
Amazon Associates

CPA/PPA, CPS, Product And Display Banners, In Text Ads

Amazon’s affiliate network offers a wide array of products and the ability to create a customized aStore for you website.  They offer various links and banners as well as widgets for you to showcase any of their products to sell.   

CPS, Product And Display Banners, In Text Ads

Avangate offers affiliates a great platform for software sales.  A great tool for a technology or internet based blog.


By allowing Bidvertiser to place ads on your website, you get paid for each visitor that clicks on an ad.  If the click turns into a conversion, you get paid even more.  Bidvertiser does allow you to customize the layout of the ads as well.

Opportunities for you blog

Bloggerdise offers bloggers and sponsors the ability to connect.  Bloggers can search through various opportunities for their blog from giveaways to reviewing products of interest.  Advertisers also have the ability to target bloggers they feel would be a good fit for their campaign.  Although everything listed on Bloggerdise may not make you money, it is a great way to begin connecting with sponsors and eventually gaining revenue from the relationships.

You get paid to post ads on your website or blog.  Payout may be CPC/EPC/PPC, Or PPA/CPA

A way to make money through advertising on your blog.  Blogvertise has a long list of advertisers who want may want an ad placed on your blog.  Whether a pay per click ad, pay per action ad or a blog post, there are countless ways to get paid.

Contextual Ads Payout, CPC/EPC/PPC

Advertisements are targeted for online consumers specific to your website content.Little Tidbit… Chitika means “snap of the fingers”
Click Bank

CPA/PPA, CPS, CPL/PPL, Product And Display Banners, In Text Ads

Clickbank offers thousands of products to choose from for your affiliate sales.  Primarily offering digital products, they are a great resource for any website or blog.

Contextual Ads, CPC/EPC/PPC

Advertisements are targeted for online consumers specific to your website content.
Commission Junction

CPA/PPA, CPS, CPL/PPL, Product And Display Banners, In Text Ads

Commission Junction offers affiliates a wide array of opportunities.  Their relationships include some of the largest and best online retailers.  Regardless of your website content, Commission Junction will have advertisers of interest to you available.


Ad Network Based On Entertainment Traffic
CPM Star


CPM Star is focused on games and gamers.  Their ads can be customized and designed specifically for optimized consumer response.


Ads are placed based either on a bid-based or flat rate model.  Publishers and advertisers are connected based on key words associated with the advertisement as well as the publishers website. 
Epic Game Ads


Gaming Industry Ads.  Drive traffic to your gaming site with Epic Game Ads.
Flex Offers

CPA/PPA, CPL/PPL, Product And Display Banners, In Text Ads

Flex Offers has a wide variety of online publishers to choose from.  Their website states they have a strict approval process for publishers.  They also offer customizable marketing templates which can turn your website into a store. 
Google Adsense

Contextual Ads, CPC/EPC/PPC, CPA/PPA, Pay By Search, Referrals

Although known primarily as a pay-per-click site, they actually offer 3 ways to make money.  Google AdSense for content, Google AdSense for Search And Google Referrals where you make money by referring visitors to use a Google product. Google offers a variety of ads and link units to choose from.  They can be images, text or both.  You choose which ones you want.  You are only allowed up to 3 Ad units and 1 Link unit per page.

Contextual Ads, CPC/EPC/PPC

Kontera offers contextual in-text advertising for your website.  Their product line includes Social content, Editorial Content using dynamic display ads, Mobil ads as well as relevant in-text content.  Set-Up is easy and installation practically seamless with popular blogging platforms.
Link Worth

Text Link Ads, CPC/EPC/PPC Ads, Hosted Content Ads, Banners, Blog Post Reviews, In-Text Ads, Rotating Ads as well as directory submissions.  They also offer an Affiliate program once you create a partner account.

You set a price and are paid 50% of the price you set.  You can place an ad on your site for a specific duration.  Linkworth will pay you since the ads are pre-paid.  Linkworth allows bloggers to blog for cash.  The website offers a LinkQuote tool on their website in case you are not sure how to properly price yours.
Linkshare (Rakuten LinkShare)

CPS, CPA/PPA, CPL/PPL, Product And Display Banners, In Text Ads

Linkshare has a great selection of Advertisers offering a huge range of products and services.  Their platform is easy to use. 
Pay Per Post

Paid Blogging

As a blogger, you have the opportunity to pick advertisers, decide on a price and negotiate deals on your own.  They offer a diverse group of advertisers with endless content opportunities.  Advertisers can also contact bloggers directly and make offers.
PepperJam Exchange

CPS, CPA/PPA, PPL/CPL, Product And Display Banners, In Text Ads

The PepperJam Exchange offers great text links, banner ads and coupons.  They can provide data feeds and customized search boxes.  PepperJam allows publishers to get creative and set up their own store using approved advertisers that can be placed on a blog page or post which is also customizable.
Reach PPC


Reach works with over 1,000 advertisers, agencies and partners.  They admit they do not offer the highest price per click.  As a premium publisher, they can customize ads.
Social Spark

Sponsored/Paid Blog Posts

SocialSpark is IZEA’s premium blog marketing platform and is amazing!  They connect advertisers with bloggers to create paid for blog posts.  SocialSpark works with some of the world’s biggest brands.  Publishers have control over who they work with .

CPA/PPA, CPS, CPL/PPL Product And Display Banners, In Text Ads

Share-A-Sale connects publishers with more than 2,500 merchants.  Each merchant has a different type of product they are selling.  Publishers decide which merchants they want to promote as well as how they want to promote them.  
Sponsored Reviews

Paid Posts/Reviews

SponsoredReviews has hundreds of advertisers willing to pay bloggers to do reviews on their sites.
Value Click Media


By displaying advertisements on your website, you get paid per 1000 impressions.  Ads are contextually based.
Voxant Newsroom


Video news content is placed on your website.  Website owners/bloggers are paid per 1000 views of the actual content.  Voxant Newsroom offers videos from over 300 news resources.  You choose what you want to display.
New Yahoo! Web Hosting Pricing

Contextual Ads, CPC/EPC/PPC, Pay By Search, Referrals

Display ads from Yahoo’s ad networks and make money.  Since this site is brand new, I included a discount link to the left for you to utilize.

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