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Ultimate Guide To Portion Control

Portion Control Is Not The Enemy…

although I would like to believe it is.  If you think that having too much of anything, no matter how few the calories is a good thing, you are wrong.

If you are trying to lose weight, and keep it off, portion control is going to be a big part of your solution. You might think that considering the portions you eat at every meal is too much work. When I started exercising portion control, I thought I would be overwhelmed by it. The truth is, some people take it to a whole new level by weighing everything they eat, and counting each calorie. Who has time for that?

Google is my new best friend.

Just GoogleA Guide To Serving Sizes
Now, click on images.
You won’t believe your eyes! Seriously, there are so many infographics available that make it super easy to decipher the right serving sizes for everything!

If that isn’t easy enough, there are awesome products you can buy that measure your food for you so you never have to question portions.  Below are 5 great sets (of which I have 2)!


/1. Beachbody Portion Control 7 Piece Container Kit  /2. Fit and Fresh Perfect Portion Kit with Breakfast Chiller and Snacker, Green  /3. PortionMate – Meal Portion Control Rings and Nutrition Tool  /4. Portion Cups  /5. 4 Go Healthy Nutrition & Portion Control Travel Pack for Weight Loss, Dieting and Healthy Living, Microwave Safe, BPA Free (Set of 4)

So here’s the skinny on portion control for those of you who have not tried it yet…

Your Stomach… The Bottomless Pit

It’s not going to be easy at first.  You might be very hungry at the beginning.  That’s normal though.  Stomachs have been known to EXPAND.  That’s right, if you continue to overeat, your belly will grow, eventually becoming a bottomless pit that never feels satiated!

Here’s a little snippet from an article I read called Shrink Your Stomach:

“The more you eat, the more you can eat–and the more you need to feel full,” says nutrition and diet therapist Robyn Flipse, R.D. Like a rubber band, your stomach can expand or contract according to the amount of food you consume. The good news: In just one month’s time you can shrink your stomach–which will reduce the amount of food you feel comfortable eating at one sitting and help you shed pounds.

That said, what are you waiting for?  Get to it and stop stuffing your face (even if it’s the good stuff)!

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Faith Or Lemonade And Cancer

When Life Throws You Lemons And The “C” Word…

First, DO NOT… I REPEAT… DO NOT listen to anyone who tells you to make lemonade and soak in it.

talia. {words to live by}

Why would you ever want to ingest something causing you pain! I do however suggest making the lemonade and giving some to an annoying neighbor, or maybe an evil rumor regurgitating housewife… On second thought, don’t even make the lemonade.

I was thrown slammed by lemons yesterday. As I sat in the passenger seat of my car, I got “the call.” Typically, I dread phone calls from my doctor, but I thought this one would be fine. I mean really, the day before the worst ailment I could have had (clearly not inflicted by my dancing) was a kidney stone or UTI. I even cracked a smile before I picked up the call.

The Call. The first few seconds were perfect. “Hi Mrs. C, it’s (insert doctors name here). I have your results and you do not have a UTI…” WHOOPIE! NO UTI! “… but … I am a little concerned and would like to have you in for an ultrasound as soon as possible. Your problems could be due to a MASS in your kidney.”


While my anxiety rose (not slow and steady I might add), hundreds of questions were flooding my mind.  Finally, I blurted it out…


She responded with a “yes, we cannot rule that out, but that is why we are going to do an ultrasound.”

Where the HELL did my Kidney stones go? I wanted them back! I wanted to BEG HER TO GIVE ME MY STONES BACK!!!  Breathe… I knew I had to breathe… so I did (though it like breathing during an asthma attack).

Without even knowing whether my problem is minor or very serious, it think I saw my life flashing before me and my outlook was vastly different from moments before “the call”. It’s amazing how “ONE SINGLE WORD CAN CHANGE YOU COMPLETELY”. I was ANGRY, SCARED, SAD, WORRIED, ANGRY, ANGRY AND EVEN MORE ANGRY! ANGER was the one emotion I couldn’t let go of. Some of my anger was selfish. What if it was Cancer? What if I was not going to be ok? How could anyone allow this happen to my CHILDREN? They didn’t deserve it! The rush of emotions was maddening!

Then… I woke up. For all I know, it isn’t cancer. It could still be a kidney stone. It could be anything! I let “something” that may be “absolutely nothing” take over my world… and it all started with one word that began with the letter “C.”

So, until my ultrasound sheds more light on my internal issues, I am going to focus on a word that doesn’t equate to an emotional state of rage, rather something a little more powerful… “FAITH.”

I am still scared and I hope my appointment goes well.  Regardless though, I have faith that everything is going to be ok.FAITHANDFEARS

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An $800 Giveaway And A Free Personalized Online Health Assessment

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of NUTRILITE®.

I never used to like the word supplement.  It always made me think of lack. My outlook changed once my children were born.  I wanted my children to be healthy and live organic lives.  I realized that if I wanted to meet this, a change of lifestyle was necessary for me as well.  As my daughters grew up, they would be watching my every move.  If I lived an unhealthy lifestyle, it was likely they would too.

I started to research ways to achieve optimal health without the use of supplements.  The amount of information available was shocking!  There were “experts” from so many fields giving their own interpretations on the best way to live a healthy life.  Some claimed that diets high in protein were the key, others claimed that a raw food diet was the best way to eat.  From various views on dairy intake to using sugar substitutes rather than the real thing, my head was spinning and the moment it stopped, I was back at square one.

Instead of allowing the “experts” views to make my decisions for me, I decided to follow my own lead.  I am a vegetarian, so really wanted to find plant based supplements.  Unfortunately, I was not sure of what my body was lacking, or how to go about finding the right types of supplements.  Finding the NUTRILITE® Supplement Recommender, was one of the best things that happened to me for a few reasons.  The Supplement Recommender is a scientifically based tool that tailors options for supplementation specifically for you.  The tool was so easy to use and made it easy for me to decide the best supplements for me, based on my personal lifestyle.  After filling out a brief questionnaire, I was not only shown a list of NUTRILITE® Supplements that were good for me, the Recommender even told me why I needed each one.

Lucky for you, I am offering a chance for you to enter a Rafflecopter giveaway!  One grand prize winner will be randomly selected to receive a MyPack Supplement Pack. This prize is valued at $800.00 and includes men’s and women’s pack, perfect pack, heart health, immunity health, bone health and healthy aging supplements.

The giveaway will run from December 2 at midnight EST to December 9 at midnight EST.

Supp_Rec_Mobile_Devices 2

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of NUTRILITE®.

Take charge of your health and get your Supplement Recommender Results here: Amway.com/SupplementRecommender.
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The Sustainable Diet

There is nothing worse than starting a new health/diet plan and not being able to sustain it… Thus, the problem with most diets today.  After making the decision to get back on my health kick, I began to research the “supposed best” diet plans.  Weighing all of my options, I realized that many of the healthy/diet plans were too extreme for me.

I was most intrigued by the Raw Food diet because of its benefits but did not think that I could do it full-time.  I am a mother, a social butterfly, a lover of restaurants and tasty food and constantly on the go.  That said, here were my options:

  1. Hire a full-time cook for my household so that I could benefit fully from the Raw Food diet… or…
  2. Start the 80/20 Rule… I chose… drum roll please…

THE 80/20 RULE!

What is the 80/20 Rule?  It’s the only sustainable diet for me!  I want to be healthy!  I want to look as young as I can as long as I can!  I want to stay away from additives in my food!  I want to be as natural as possible!  I ALSO WANT TO KEEP DOING THINGS I LOVE TO DO WITHOUT FEELING STUCK!  Thus, the 80/20 Rule!

So here’s the deal: I eat Raw 80% of the time (some days it’s 100%).  The 20%, I leave for the occasional dinner outing or event with my kids.  Get this… I even eat cake at birthday parties!!!  Whoa!  Hey now, this diet may not be for everyone but the reality is, I live in REALITY!  I know what is going to work for me and what isn’t.  By having a diet/health plan that works for me, I am confident that I can continue this for life.  Below, I included a lovely raw food pyramid.  You can see many fantastic and tasty treats I can eat daily!

 photo e6123f3d-90cc-4acc-aa3e-fa1d56b483cc_zpscdbd8d9c.jpg

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A blender – a smoothie – and a sport bottle

Announcing (or pronouncing as my daughter would say)… the Oster BLSTPB-WBL My Blend 250-Watt Blender

What can I say?  This little contraption is ahh-mazing!  By the way, it works (no, really, I mean it This highly toned/tuned machine actually works well)… and… you can get it for only $29.99!  Just for you, I am including my favorite smoothie recipe:

My favorite blended healthy beverage (that won’t pack on the extra poundage)!

 photo ccb34a01-14d1-49f7-8d0c-698c0b71aeea_zps33d285bb.jpg

In a blender, blend the banana, blueberries, strawberries, ice, orange juice, and yogurt until smooth.  Now drink it, lick your lips and enjoy!

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Dairy free diet… baby steps

 photo 42e205aa-30ca-4e56-a5a2-8f7d9974db41_zps5d9d19ab.jpg

Day One Of Our Dairy Free Diet… Supplement milk with Almond Milk.

Recent events have made me re-think the way my household eats.  Ever since my first pregnancy, I have been conscious of the way my family and I eat.  It seems like every time I think I am making a healthy choice though, the media proves me wrong and some article appears out of nowhere negating what I thought was the “right” type of food for us.

Now for the dairy controversy… I was born in India.  The first few years of my life were spent there.  My mother and father were born and raised predominantly in India.  Milk was considered one of the most important aspects of our diet.  We now live in the US.  My mother still swears by milk.  My daughters love milk.  In fact, my eldest only likes to drink 2 things… milk and water.  Unfortunately, milk is not the same “milk” as the milk my mother, father and I had in India.  I mean seriously… cows roam the streets in India.  Their milk is practically extracted in front of your face, then funneled directly into a glass bottle and left on your doorstep.  Ok, so maybe that is a slight exaggeration but not far from the truth.

 photo a9cc470d-5504-470d-af9d-307d528ab568_zps5edb8a74.jpg

For years, I have heard countless people tell me how bad dairy is for you.  I have read mounds of literature that states the same.  Just recently, someone mentioned that aspartame is now allowed in milk… arghhhh!  What is a girl to do???  Well, for starters, slow down the families dairy intake…

Today, Day One Of Our Dairy Free Diet… Supplement milk with Almond Milk.  The results: Talia (The Milk Worshiper) – LOVED IT!  Julia (The I’d Rather Drink Water) – Major Dislike!  The Final Consensus: Slowly wean Julia off the milk by adding a bit of Almond Milk to her regular milk… then a bit more… and a bit more… Baby steps just like making the switch to real milk when they were tots!

… I only wish I wasn’t craving a cold glass of milk now…

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The Plan – Health

Book of the Week – The Plan
Eliminate the Surprising “Healthy” Foods That Are Making You Fat–and Lose Weight Fast

Who would have thought that everything we have been taught about healthy eating could be the very reason our bodies are not responding the way we expect them to?  Just when you think you know how to eat, and the best foods to consume to lose weight, a book like The Plan comes along and changes everything.

In this revolutionary book, cutting-edge nutrition expert Lyn-Genet Recitas reveals the surprising truth behind what actually makes people pack on the pounds. Carbs and portion sizes, it turns out, are not the problem. Foods that are revered by traditional weight loss programs, such as turkey, eggs, cauliflower, beans, and tomatoes, may be healthy in a vacuum, but when combined with each person’s unique chemistry, they can cause a toxic reaction that triggers weight gain, premature aging, inflammation, and a host of health problems including constipation, migraines, joint pain, and depression.

The Plan is not a diet. It is a way of changing how you eat–for life. And that is why it works. And as promised, I didn’t have to give up baking: I still eat sweets!” -Lesley Jane Seymour, Editor in Chief, More Magazine

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It’s In The Water

Lemon Water On-the-Go When life gives you lemons, squeeze ’em, mix ’em with water, and chug away.

Source: shrsl.com via Trending Mom on Pinterest

Key Features:

Built-in Lemon Reamer – Glass Container  – Designed to land on soft base or lid if dropped – BPA-free Dishwasher safe – Silicone base & lemon reamer removable for washing.

Juicing lemons, rather than dropping them in water, prevents contamination from pesticides.

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UP by Jawbone – The Perfect Companion


UP is a system, wristband + iPhone app, that tracks how you sleep, move and eat so you can know yourself better, make smarter choices and feel your best.

Know yourself. Live better. TRACK YOUR SLEEP. Small and comfortable to wear all day and night, UP senses your micro-movements while you sleep and uses advanced algorithms to determine how many hours you slept, how long it took you to fall asleep, time spent in light vs. deep sleep and how many times you woke during the night. TRACK YOUR ACTIVTY. Wearing UP captures a complete picture of your day, so you don’t have to guess how active you are. UP tracks your steps, distance, calories burned and time spent active vs. idle. TRACK YOUR FOOD & DRINK. UP’s mobile app lets you log what you eat and drink and get as detailed as you want. Take a photo of your food, scan a barcode, browse the UP image gallery or search the ingredient database. UP also helps you track calories, fats, carbohydrates, protein, sugar, fiber and sodium. GAIN INSIGHT. UP simply and beautifully visualizes your information so, at a glance, you can understand the meaning behind your data. UP also delivers personalized insights and clear, actionable tips to help you achieve your goals. TAKE ACTION. UP helps you set daily goals and tracks your progress over time. It also lets you set helpful alarms and reminders. You can set a Smart Alarm to silently wake you at the ideal moment in your sleep cycle to help you wake up feeling refreshed. You can also set Idle Alerts to remind you to move when you’ve been sitting too long.

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Forget Diets – Work Out – Look Good – Get Healthy – New Year 2013

While driving to work this morning, I had already decided that our standard lot would most likely be full, so I decided to park in a different lot. Big mistake… The lot I chose was in front of a gym and it was full. Although I commend people for beginning the New Year with great intentions, I am well aware that in one month, the lot will once again be fairly empty in the morning.

I remember being unhappy with my weight. I recall having to buy “one size up” on shopping excursions. I also remember that I had 2 children back to back. After having my daughters, I never felt worse about my body. Although on the exterior, I may not have looked overweight, I was certain that I didn’t like how I did look. I do not like the term diet. In fact, I believe that when it is used, the word attaches a stigma to your psyche and everything you eat or do attaches itself to the word… DIET… ugh! Nothing about it sounds good and rarely does it bring a smile to anyone’s face (unless you are the type of person who enjoys other’s not being happy with themselves, in which case, you are a sadist in my humble opinion).

I decided pretty quickly that I could not stand the site of myself any further and was on a mission to lose the weight. I wanted to look and feel healthy again. I needed to do it for myself. Although I desperately wanted to go to the gym, I wasn’t ready. Emotionally, I felt that in order for me to feel good at the gym and want to work out, I needed to feel a little better about myself. I realize that may be backwards thinking for some but honestly, it is how I felt and that is what mattered. If I didn’t do things on my terms, I never would.

The first step I needed to take was to start eating better and losing some weight. My biggest problem… In my heart, I truly believed that I was eating well. After a bit of coaxing, my friend convinced me to join weight watchers. I joined on line because I didn’t have the time to go to meetings, etc. Joining on-line was one of the best things I ever did. Through Weight Watchers, I began to understand portion control and the fundamentals of healthy eating. Since I didn’t go to meetings, I did not feel compelled to purchase the Weight Watchers brand of food. The food I chose was generally fresh and not processed. I’m not discounting frozen food but know that I have a tendency to be lazy and if I went the frozen food route, I may never have stopped.

The first few days were the most difficult. Convincing my body that I would survive without consuming a small pizza by myself at lunch was not easy. After the first week though, my stomach shrunk a bit (yes, that quickly), because I didn’t feel so hungry all the time. I was learning portion control! I also gained a few pounds… yup! Fortunately, I had been speaking to another friend who told me that would most likely happen. He had mentioned that gaining a pound or two at the beginning of a new routine was not abnormal and not to get discouraged. The second week was the beginning of a slow and steady decline in my weight. Each week, I had a 1 to 3 pound drop in weight. After about 3 months, my weight seemed to plateau. Since I felt a little better about myself, I decided it was time to hit the gym. I stayed on weight watchers for 6 months although what I learned would stay with me and be incorporated in my diet forever.

Cardio was never something I enjoyed even though I knew it would help me. I started with the elliptical and an iPod. Then, I decided to learn how to use weights properly. I could have gone straight for the nautilus machines but I still did not “really” know how to work out. I scheduled a personal training session with one of the consultants at our gym. My first one hour session was free and I learned more in that one session than I ever imagined. The personal trainer gave me a routine to follow which targeted different body parts depending on the day. He informed me that my muscles needed to relax after a workout and the method I had in my head (full body workout every day I went to the gym), was not necessarily the best option for my goals. That was the key… he understood my goals and structured my routine based on what I wanted for an end result. I found that cardio was not the only thing that would get me skinny and fit and that lifting weights would work as well. I never took cardio out of my routine but did start switching it up and making it more fun. Rather than a 45 minute session on the elliptical, I started on the bike, switching to the elliptical. Rather than follow the same pattern daily, my cardio routine became more fun because I began changing the pace and intensity during my workouts. Working out became addictive. Incorporating cardio, free weights and nautilus into my daily routine brought enough variation so I rarely got bored.

Eating well and working out were became a huge part of my life. I remember disbelieving people who stated they never felt better or had more energy than when they took care of themselves. Well, they proved me wrong. I had never felt better, happier or had more energy than when I ate right and started working out. I promised myself and preached to the world that I would never stop working out, eating right and staying active… until I did. I stopped taking care of myself as well for just over a year. It’s amazing how easy it is to become lazy, stop working out and eat badly. Although I started prior to the New Year, I am happy to say that I am back on my health kick and I feel great again.

Below are some books that have kept my goal weight steady and given me great ideas for food plans, healthy eating and keep me motivated!

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