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SEO And Internet Marketing Strategies – Part 1


SEO, also known as Search Engine Optimization, is yet, another tool used as an Internet Marketing Strategy.  Search engine optimization should be incorporated and utilized by web designers to make websites and their designs search friendly.  The goal is to optimize the websites exposure on the Internet.

So, how do you optimize your website and make it Internet search friendly… Well, there are a number of ways. When determining which tools would benefit your website the most, think of the difference between search engines and how they work.  Essentially, search engines have different target audiences.  Through this, you can utilize specific keywords in your posts and through formatting titles, increasing back links, specific menu options, shopping carts and more to increase exposure to various search engines, thus a higher likelihood of getting noticed by the target audience of your choice. 

Overall, the success of your website depends on a few things.  First and foremost, content.  Regardless of how great your site looks, without good content, rarely will the website survive.  There are plenty of great looking websites with nothing to offer their readers.  Some popular websites are simply black and white with no frills.   Second to content, gaining readership.  If you do not use SEO tools or enhance your website for proper SEO, you will not have an easy time gaining readership.  Highly ranked sites are generally optimized for search engines. 

3 tips to help you with Search Engine Optimization… 

  1. Write for your readers, not just for SEO.  Cloaking, or deception (as I like to call it), is not highly looked upon. Cloaking will not get you recurring traffic.   
  2. Keywords – Make sure you have rich keywords in place.  The keywords should be in your title as well as content.  Your title should clearly define what the content is about.  The content should be readable as well as include keywords.  A mistake some make is overdoing it with content rich keywords.  You do not have to go overboard.  A well formatted article goes  a lot further than adding the same keyword in every sentence.  The URL should also contain the proper terms/keywords.
  3. Finding your readers… If you really want to utilize the best search engine terms for your website, get back to basics.  Think of yourself as an Internet surfer.  Now, consider the article you are writing.  If you were surfing the Internet, and looking for information related to your article, what terms would you enter in the search field of your browser???  Just like that… you now know what your readers might enter, therefore giving you a better idea of which key words would best be suited for your post.

Stay tuned for part two of SEO And Internet Marketing Strategies… until then, happy optimizing!


Terms For Above Post Broken Down… The Laymans (Trending Mom) Way…

  • Laymans Terms – Technical terms broken down in an easy to understand manner.
  • Keywords In URL – Meaning that the website address for a specific post contains the keyword associated with the post.  For example, if you choose to make the title of your post SEO And Internet Marketing Strategies… the URL/Permalink generated by my theme for that specific post is http://www.trendingmom.com/seo-and-intern… You get the gist.
  • Back Links – This is a link that points to another website from your website or vice versa, from your website to another.  Back links are important for Search Engine Optimization because the number of back links you have, and the quality of the back links (meaning that they point to or from a highly ranked website), may increase your website rankings as well.
  • Cloaking – Utilizing specific keywords in the title (and/or body) of your post), in order to appeal to search engines.  With cloaking, the title (or keywords in the post), are generally not related.  Again… deception… Basically, it is formatting a title like mine, SEO and Internet Marketing Strategies – Part 1, but writing about something completely different while incorporating the words SEO, Internet, Marketing, etc… 

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Affiliate Marketing – Increase Website Earnings – Top 30 Websites For Affiliates

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Affiliate Marketing, also called Performance Based Marketing, is a tool that many website owners and bloggers utilize to increase earnings on their website.  Affiliates are not just for profit though.  If implemented properly, Affiliate Marketing can raise your websites rank by increasing traffic as well as link-building which is imperative for SEO. 

There are various Affiliate Marketing platforms and options available for website owners and bloggers.  Before you begin working with Affiliate programs, you should be aware of some of the common terms used to describe how publishers make money through each program.  Below are a list of common terms used as well as a list of some great websites offering opportunities for you to make extra money.

Acronyms Commonly Used By Affiliate Marketing Programs


CPA/PPA (Cost-Per-Action/Pay-Per-Action)

Advertisers typically pay for a completed sale.  The payout is usually a fixed rate paid to the publisher who directed the user to the advertiser’s website.

CPC/EPC/PPC (Cost-Per-Click/Earnings-Per-Click-Pay-Per-Click)

Commissions paid to the publisher based on the number of clicks that the ad placed on behalf of the advertiser generates.

CPL/PPL (Cost-Per-Lead/Pay-Per-Lead)

Advertisers pay for leads that are generally qualified and interested in the product.  The consumer leaves their contact information for the advertiser/product.  After submission, the advertiser pays the publisher that directed the consumer to their website.

CPM (Cost-Per-1000 Impressions)

The advertiser chooses to pay the publisher a rate for every thousand impressions on the web page their advertisement is featured on.

CPS (Cost-Per-Sale)

The publisher directs a consumer to the advertiser’s website/product.  Once the consumer makes a purchase, the advertiser is paid a percentage based on the sales transaction.

CPV/PPV (Cost-Per-View/Pay-Per-View)

Normally used with pop-up and pop-under advertising.  An advertiser pays the publisher when their ad window appears on a user’s browser.

Now that you have an idea of the terms commonly used in Affiliate Marketing, review the websites mentioned below.  The information provided will help determine programs that will help increase revenues for your website or blog. 


Ways To Make Money



Contextual Ads, CPC/PPC


CPC Banners, Product And Display Banners, In Text Ads, CPV/PPV Ads, CPS

Admanage offers numerous ways to make money through your website.  They have a variety of ads that can be placed on your website.


Adversal offers in-page pop-ups and pop-unders.  They pay on a CPM basis and US traffic has the highest payout.
Amazon Associates

CPA/PPA, CPS, Product And Display Banners, In Text Ads

Amazon’s affiliate network offers a wide array of products and the ability to create a customized aStore for you website.  They offer various links and banners as well as widgets for you to showcase any of their products to sell.   

CPS, Product And Display Banners, In Text Ads

Avangate offers affiliates a great platform for software sales.  A great tool for a technology or internet based blog.


By allowing Bidvertiser to place ads on your website, you get paid for each visitor that clicks on an ad.  If the click turns into a conversion, you get paid even more.  Bidvertiser does allow you to customize the layout of the ads as well.

Opportunities for you blog

Bloggerdise offers bloggers and sponsors the ability to connect.  Bloggers can search through various opportunities for their blog from giveaways to reviewing products of interest.  Advertisers also have the ability to target bloggers they feel would be a good fit for their campaign.  Although everything listed on Bloggerdise may not make you money, it is a great way to begin connecting with sponsors and eventually gaining revenue from the relationships.

You get paid to post ads on your website or blog.  Payout may be CPC/EPC/PPC, Or PPA/CPA

A way to make money through advertising on your blog.  Blogvertise has a long list of advertisers who want may want an ad placed on your blog.  Whether a pay per click ad, pay per action ad or a blog post, there are countless ways to get paid.

Contextual Ads Payout, CPC/EPC/PPC

Advertisements are targeted for online consumers specific to your website content.Little Tidbit… Chitika means “snap of the fingers”
Click Bank

CPA/PPA, CPS, CPL/PPL, Product And Display Banners, In Text Ads

Clickbank offers thousands of products to choose from for your affiliate sales.  Primarily offering digital products, they are a great resource for any website or blog.

Contextual Ads, CPC/EPC/PPC

Advertisements are targeted for online consumers specific to your website content.
Commission Junction

CPA/PPA, CPS, CPL/PPL, Product And Display Banners, In Text Ads

Commission Junction offers affiliates a wide array of opportunities.  Their relationships include some of the largest and best online retailers.  Regardless of your website content, Commission Junction will have advertisers of interest to you available.


Ad Network Based On Entertainment Traffic
CPM Star


CPM Star is focused on games and gamers.  Their ads can be customized and designed specifically for optimized consumer response.


Ads are placed based either on a bid-based or flat rate model.  Publishers and advertisers are connected based on key words associated with the advertisement as well as the publishers website. 
Epic Game Ads


Gaming Industry Ads.  Drive traffic to your gaming site with Epic Game Ads.
Flex Offers

CPA/PPA, CPL/PPL, Product And Display Banners, In Text Ads

Flex Offers has a wide variety of online publishers to choose from.  Their website states they have a strict approval process for publishers.  They also offer customizable marketing templates which can turn your website into a store. 
Google Adsense

Contextual Ads, CPC/EPC/PPC, CPA/PPA, Pay By Search, Referrals

Although known primarily as a pay-per-click site, they actually offer 3 ways to make money.  Google AdSense for content, Google AdSense for Search And Google Referrals where you make money by referring visitors to use a Google product. Google offers a variety of ads and link units to choose from.  They can be images, text or both.  You choose which ones you want.  You are only allowed up to 3 Ad units and 1 Link unit per page.

Contextual Ads, CPC/EPC/PPC

Kontera offers contextual in-text advertising for your website.  Their product line includes Social content, Editorial Content using dynamic display ads, Mobil ads as well as relevant in-text content.  Set-Up is easy and installation practically seamless with popular blogging platforms.
Link Worth

Text Link Ads, CPC/EPC/PPC Ads, Hosted Content Ads, Banners, Blog Post Reviews, In-Text Ads, Rotating Ads as well as directory submissions.  They also offer an Affiliate program once you create a partner account.

You set a price and are paid 50% of the price you set.  You can place an ad on your site for a specific duration.  Linkworth will pay you since the ads are pre-paid.  Linkworth allows bloggers to blog for cash.  The website offers a LinkQuote tool on their website in case you are not sure how to properly price yours.
Linkshare (Rakuten LinkShare)

CPS, CPA/PPA, CPL/PPL, Product And Display Banners, In Text Ads

Linkshare has a great selection of Advertisers offering a huge range of products and services.  Their platform is easy to use. 
Pay Per Post

Paid Blogging

As a blogger, you have the opportunity to pick advertisers, decide on a price and negotiate deals on your own.  They offer a diverse group of advertisers with endless content opportunities.  Advertisers can also contact bloggers directly and make offers.
PepperJam Exchange

CPS, CPA/PPA, PPL/CPL, Product And Display Banners, In Text Ads

The PepperJam Exchange offers great text links, banner ads and coupons.  They can provide data feeds and customized search boxes.  PepperJam allows publishers to get creative and set up their own store using approved advertisers that can be placed on a blog page or post which is also customizable.
Reach PPC


Reach works with over 1,000 advertisers, agencies and partners.  They admit they do not offer the highest price per click.  As a premium publisher, they can customize ads.
Social Spark

Sponsored/Paid Blog Posts

SocialSpark is IZEA’s premium blog marketing platform and is amazing!  They connect advertisers with bloggers to create paid for blog posts.  SocialSpark works with some of the world’s biggest brands.  Publishers have control over who they work with .

CPA/PPA, CPS, CPL/PPL Product And Display Banners, In Text Ads

Share-A-Sale connects publishers with more than 2,500 merchants.  Each merchant has a different type of product they are selling.  Publishers decide which merchants they want to promote as well as how they want to promote them.  
Sponsored Reviews

Paid Posts/Reviews

SponsoredReviews has hundreds of advertisers willing to pay bloggers to do reviews on their sites.
Value Click Media


By displaying advertisements on your website, you get paid per 1000 impressions.  Ads are contextually based.
Voxant Newsroom


Video news content is placed on your website.  Website owners/bloggers are paid per 1000 views of the actual content.  Voxant Newsroom offers videos from over 300 news resources.  You choose what you want to display.
New Yahoo! Web Hosting Pricing

Contextual Ads, CPC/EPC/PPC, Pay By Search, Referrals

Display ads from Yahoo’s ad networks and make money.  Since this site is brand new, I included a discount link to the left for you to utilize.

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Who Are These People???

Rarely do I watch the news.  It is just too depressing.  Logging on to the internet and reading news by choice has always been less emotionally trying on me.  Unfortunately, even that is difficult these days.  I realize I have said this before, but honestly, why do writers and newscasters believe that the front page should consist of terrible things?  They are not necessarily newsworthy!  Unless off course, you are a sociopath or get a kick out of pure and simple misery…

Never mind the newspapers being filled with negative stories…  have you taken a look at most front pages of websites lately?  Take Yahoo for example.  I don’t have anything against yahoo, genuinely.  The site is informative and their search engine is great.  It used to be my home page.  Recently, I converted to Google so that I would not immediately be inundated with things I do not care about or do not want to know about.  When you log into yahoo, the top stories consist of information regarding terrible things happening in our world, or, even worse, celebrity gossip.  The only positive they tend to post is whether someone wore a dress well or not.  Seriously?  Google, fortunately, does not spew out bad reading material the moment you enter. 

Today, I somehow ended up on msn now.  The first story that popped into my view was “Tech-savvy citizen rescues 500 dogs from becoming dinner“…  A lovely story about a truck load of dogs, some with collars, some with clothes on, who were on their way to a food processing plant.  Fortunately, the citizen helped stop the awfulness by utilizing a social network.  Ok, so that is not so terrible.  The citizen is clearly a hero, but… what the flip is wrong with the people who stole these poor little beings and who are the even more crazy ones who would consider eating them?  Yes, I know people from different cultures may be inclined to eat animals I would not consider eating but that does not make me ok with it.  Moving on, I got to take my pick of a great list of articles.  The first one, “Family rocks out to ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ on drive to school” and next to that article, “Cruel man pays $2,400 for setting fire to neighbor’s cat “… hmm… This got me thinking.  Are they putting stories in this order to punish me?  A family rocking out in the car to a song is kind of funny.  A great little read to rise and shine with a cup of coffee to.  Unfortunately, I don’t really think I would want to drink a cup of coffee first thing in the morning, read an article about someone setting fire to a cat, and looking at my pretend cat Penelope purring at my feet.  Just another reminder of what may be trending in your world, but not in mine.

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Celiac Disease, PETA And A Kardashian… Awareness

Rarely have I written about celebrities.  Regardless of whether I like Kim Kardashian or not, when I initially heard about her “flour encounter” on the Red Carpet, two conflicting emotions ran through me.  First, I wanted to chuckle and then, I felt a little sad for Ms. Kardashian.  The world’s obsession with celebrities amazes me.  I realize they are in the press consistently, therefore, the public actually “feels” like they know them based on what is written and mentioned in the news.  Articles written, unfortunately, remind me of a real life version of the game telephone, which, I never liked in the first place.  As more articles are written about the most recent sighting or gossip, the information somehow gets more detailed as additional content is added.

Yahoo had an article written today with the headline “Khloe Kardashian Quits PETA After Sister Kim’s Flour Bombing.”  The mention of PETA sparked my interest so I read on.  Towards the end of the article, Kim was quoted and said “I think, ‘What if that was some other substance? What if that person had a dangerous weapon?’ It’s scary, and what’s even scarier is this woman acted as if she was a part of the press. She just came out of nowhere! And so we are definitely changing things up a little bit, amping up security, taking some measures.”  The first thing that came to mind when I read ‘What if that was some other substance’, was Celiac disease.  The substance was flour.  A substance that, if not gluten-free, could cause an awful reaction to anyone with Celiac disease!

A few years ago, a close friend of mine informed me her daughter had been diagnosed with Celiac disease.  This was the first I had heard of the condition.  My recollection of what my friend’s daughter went through prior to being diagnosed was horrific!  To watch your child in a hospital bed, deteriorating in front of your own eyes, and having no idea why, is terrifying for any parent.  Fortunately, she was diagnosed with Celiac, but, this meant life for her would change forever.  Her new life would involve following a gluten-free diet to heal her intestines and prevent further damage.  According to an article written in PubMed Health, the healing often occurs in 3-6 months for children, but may take 2-3 years in adults.  That is simply the healing process.  Unfortunately, whenever a person is contaminated (which could happen by breathing gluten), the recovery begins again.  As of right now, Kim Kardashian has not pressed charges against the woman who threw the flour.  It saddens me to think that someone affiliated with an organization like PETA, claiming to be a humanitarian, did not have any regard for other people who may have been in the area her infamous flour bomb went off.

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Blogs, A Love/Hate Relationship

The plethora of information you can find on the internet is nothing short of amazing. I find myself using the internet for researching, shopping or simply just having fun viewing websites that peak my interest. Long gone are the days of the World Book Encyclopedia and other print publications I remember using for my school book reports. The library in our town doesn’t even carry half the books I am looking for because the amount of visitors they used to get have dwindled as have the number of books borrowed. In some ways, this is sad. In others, convenient.

So, why the love/hate relationship? As much as I love blogs and having access to mass amounts of information at my fingertips, I have a hard time deciphering the true expert writers and validity of each website from reading bad information. Say for example, I enter something like… how to make money on the internet. The response those search terms yield are out of control. Depending on whether I use Google, Yahoo, MSN or any other search engine, the articles that pop up are all similar but not necessarily what I am looking for. The content varies from blogs to get rich quick posts which claim things that are clearly not a reality. Click on one and you may get a housewife podcasting about the amount of money she made the first day she started doing surveys on line. If that were truly the case, how come we never really meet a millionaire who made money doing the surveys? Wouldn’t everyone jump on that bandwagon? How about this… I remember clicking on a link, and the first thing I heard was, “I am going to tell you the biggest secret to really making money on line”… REALLY? This big secret is available to the public on the world wide web! Even better, people believe it!

For once, I wish I had the opportunity to enter specific search terms and have the information that is available to me be accurate, and not steer me in the wrong direction. I appreciate the bloggers out there that do their research, give honest opinions, honest reviews as well as speak from experience. What I don’t appreciate is people trying to make a buck by leading others down the wrong path. Result… There is a lot of great information available on the internet. Just don’t solely depend on the first few articles that appear when searching. They could be number one on the list, simply because the writer(s) know the perfect key words to use to move to the top. Remember, anyone can claim to be an expert. You, need to do your own research, check out a few articles, watch for contradictions, and be honest with yourself when reading. This, I am telling you from the heart… because I am an expert, or at least I claim to be one…

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