The Apologetic Blogger

the blOgOlOgy

The Apology:
I am not sure if I am apologizing to my readers or my blog but, I’m sorry.  I’m sorry that I have not given you enough great content recently.  I am sorry that I have not filled your pages with new and exciting pictures and products.  Most of all, I am sorry for messing with the colors and fonts as much as I have.  I understand you do NOT like change.

The Confession:
No, I am not cheating on you… although I have thought about building an ADDITIONAL site. My idea seems grand… then again, they all do at the beginning.
No, I have not been uninterested in writing. Actually, I have had some really great ideas. Unfortunately, I keep forgetting where I wrote them but… I am sure that they will surface and the words will follow.
Yes, I have messed with your fonts and color scheme a bit. The “FONT” piece brings me to another topic which I will cover later.
I am sorry about the hideous background I gave you, but I only had it up for about an hour until I began getting dizzy and pressed the “DELETE” button. By the way, being a bit of a “closet hoarder,” the word “DELETE” is not on my top 10 list.
Last but not least, there were 2 full days that I could have written, had a massive amount of content in my head, photos and ideas bursting at the seams… Unfortunately, there was a major crash on the hosting site you are parked on.  Don’t worry though, everything is fine now.

Now What?
Since I have apologized and explained myself thoroughly, it’s time for my brain to start cranking again. My creative juices are once again flowing and you can expect nothing but GREATNESS from me.

Yours Truly, TM

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