The Christmas Jerk

Some people really are just jerks… either that, or they have no concept of reality.

Christmas seems to bring out the best and worst in people.  What we tend to forget as we grow older is that it is truly a magical time for the little one’s in this world.  I read something disturbing tonight. While browsing on, I came a cross a post along the lines of this (not a direct quote but the basic comment): A needy child is asking for an iPod Nano on the Angel tree at our church.  Another asked for Xbox games so he/she must have an Xbox.  The writer wondered how needy they must really be (insert sarcasm here)…

I don’t know who the writer is, nor do I care.  The child (yes, CHILD), who is asking for the Nano, and the CHILD asking for the Xbox is just that… A CHILD!  A CHILD who wants the same things as his/her peers.  So the question really isn’t what is wrong with the child, but what is wrong with the person who has the audacity to question why a CHILD would ask for such a thing?

Christmas is supposed to be a time of magic and joy.  Children really do believe in Santa.  I know I did. I also know my girls still do.  Regardless of what I can or cannot afford for my children each year, and how much I do, or do not give towards other causes every year, I would never discount a child and what they WISH they could have each Christmas.  “Wish” is the key word.  My daughter Julia WISHES for one thing this Christmas… A white Pegasus unicorn with a sparkly pink mane and a cutie mark.  Do you think I am going to tell her there is no way Santa would ever bring her that?

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