The Friendship Principle

I have always considered myself as someone who has a descent amount of friends. My daughter’s are quick to say that I know “everyone” at their school (little do they know I don’t)… Regardless, I definitely have a LOT of acquaintances whom I spend time with… great time with… but…

The question is… how many of them are truly my friends? How many are “truly” the people I turn to when I am down and out, need a quick chat or simply don’t feel like faking some “super duper” happy persona that is expected of me. Well, during an evening recently, I, unfortunately had a bit of a breakdown moment where I just needed to talk to someone. I didn’t want to go in-depth about what brought me down, rather, just vent for a moment and get a little pick me up from a friend.

All of that said, I was amazed at the people I texted. The text (due to the time of night): Hey, you up?

That was it… just a simple question… oddly enough, I only wrote the text to four people. Not the four people I spend most of my time with though. They were four people who I felt very comfortable around, that I knew would not judge me, nor pry too much, or be offended that I just needed to “talk.”

End thoughts: The four people who I texted, were more than just friends to me, regardless of how long I knew each for (timelines varied greatly). They were people who understood and accepted my authentic self. Looking back on each person I texted, they were the only people who I would never feel uncomfortable sharing information with and not necessarily the people that most of my friends would assume that I would contact in times of need.

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