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Book of the Week – The Plan
Eliminate the Surprising “Healthy” Foods That Are Making You Fat–and Lose Weight Fast

Who would have thought that everything we have been taught about healthy eating could be the very reason our bodies are not responding the way we expect them to?  Just when you think you know how to eat, and the best foods to consume to lose weight, a book like The Plan comes along and changes everything.

In this revolutionary book, cutting-edge nutrition expert Lyn-Genet Recitas reveals the surprising truth behind what actually makes people pack on the pounds. Carbs and portion sizes, it turns out, are not the problem. Foods that are revered by traditional weight loss programs, such as turkey, eggs, cauliflower, beans, and tomatoes, may be healthy in a vacuum, but when combined with each person’s unique chemistry, they can cause a toxic reaction that triggers weight gain, premature aging, inflammation, and a host of health problems including constipation, migraines, joint pain, and depression.

The Plan is not a diet. It is a way of changing how you eat–for life. And that is why it works. And as promised, I didn’t have to give up baking: I still eat sweets!” -Lesley Jane Seymour, Editor in Chief, More Magazine

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