The Weather Report

Never did I think anyone would get excited to watch the weather on a news station, never mind jump up and down on the couch as soon as it came on. Tonight, my daughters proved me wrong. Their reaction was about the same as mine as a kiddo at my first NKOTB concert.  For those of you who do not know what NKOTB stands for, first off, shame on you!  NKOTB equates to the New Kids On The Block, and if you didn’t get that the first time around, you clearly did NOT have good taste in men since Donny Whalberg was beyond perfect back in the day.

Back on track now (sorry, I got a little too excited there)… Now for the MOST exciting part of this post… THE WEATHER!

Talia had a homework assignment today that involved watching the weather report.  Fortunately, we were able to catch the 6:00pm news (which was when the giddy and earthshaking behavior began).  Unfortunately, somewhere in my travels, I misplaced the piece of paper her homework assignment was on.  Even more unfortunate, the only part of her assignment I remembered reading was “blah blah… watch the weather… blah blah… _______.  The ( insert above the blank line ) was what needed to be filled in.  Just like the blank line shown, my mind = blank.

Like any great mother, when my ever so responsible daughter asked where her homework was, so she could finish it, I responded… “Oh, don’t worry about it.  You can just do it in the morning.”  I was hoping that the piece of paper would miraculously appear and she could complete it in the morning.  You see, although I am not sure what needs to be written above the pretty black line, I took notes.  Yes, lot’s and lot’s of notes.  A half page filled with notes about… drum roll please… THE WEATHER OF COURSE!  Maybe I should have been the one jumping up and down on my couch since I haven’t taken notes like that since my college years. I have yet to find her assignment & I have yet to tell my husband (he’ll never let me forget this one since this is typically the type of thing I yell at him for).  This post is the result of me… taking a break…from looking for the piece of paper I have searched for all night.

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