Unusual Gifts…

‘Tis The Season Of Gift Giving… At least that is what the department stores want us to believe. It still surprises me that rather than waiting for each holiday to pass, the stores skip to decorating for Christmas around Halloween. Do they just forget about Thanksgiving?  Whatever holiday is just around the corner, I seem to look for gifts all year-long.  No, I’m not always in a gift giving mood.  I am always in a shopping mood though! There is nothing better than finding, and receiving unusual gifts because…

  1. Rarely would anyone buy unusual gifts for themselves, and
  2. There is a VERY slim chance that someone else will give the same gift.  :)
So, to kick off this holiday season earlier than department stores, you may find a few unusual gifts here and there being showcased on Trending Mom!  The two below simply make me smile…

Happy Accident Container Set – Pencils and utensils fit in these!  Love ’em!

Pick Up the Cent Bank – Cutest piggy/cat bank!

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