Who Are These People???

Rarely do I watch the news.  It is just too depressing.  Logging on to the internet and reading news by choice has always been less emotionally trying on me.  Unfortunately, even that is difficult these days.  I realize I have said this before, but honestly, why do writers and newscasters believe that the front page should consist of terrible things?  They are not necessarily newsworthy!  Unless off course, you are a sociopath or get a kick out of pure and simple misery…

Never mind the newspapers being filled with negative stories…  have you taken a look at most front pages of websites lately?  Take Yahoo for example.  I don’t have anything against yahoo, genuinely.  The site is informative and their search engine is great.  It used to be my home page.  Recently, I converted to Google so that I would not immediately be inundated with things I do not care about or do not want to know about.  When you log into yahoo, the top stories consist of information regarding terrible things happening in our world, or, even worse, celebrity gossip.  The only positive they tend to post is whether someone wore a dress well or not.  Seriously?  Google, fortunately, does not spew out bad reading material the moment you enter. 

Today, I somehow ended up on msn now.  The first story that popped into my view was “Tech-savvy citizen rescues 500 dogs from becoming dinner“…  A lovely story about a truck load of dogs, some with collars, some with clothes on, who were on their way to a food processing plant.  Fortunately, the citizen helped stop the awfulness by utilizing a social network.  Ok, so that is not so terrible.  The citizen is clearly a hero, but… what the flip is wrong with the people who stole these poor little beings and who are the even more crazy ones who would consider eating them?  Yes, I know people from different cultures may be inclined to eat animals I would not consider eating but that does not make me ok with it.  Moving on, I got to take my pick of a great list of articles.  The first one, “Family rocks out to ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ on drive to school” and next to that article, “Cruel man pays $2,400 for setting fire to neighbor’s cat “… hmm… This got me thinking.  Are they putting stories in this order to punish me?  A family rocking out in the car to a song is kind of funny.  A great little read to rise and shine with a cup of coffee to.  Unfortunately, I don’t really think I would want to drink a cup of coffee first thing in the morning, read an article about someone setting fire to a cat, and looking at my pretend cat Penelope purring at my feet.  Just another reminder of what may be trending in your world, but not in mine.

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