World Hunger – The Reality


“Despite the impression you often get from the media, emergencies account for less than eight percent of hunger’s victims. Few people realise that there are 870 million hungry people in the world who don’t make the headlines — more than the combined populations of the United States, Canada and the European Union. They are of all ages, from babies whose mothers cannot produce enough milk to the elderly with no relatives to care for them. They are the unemployed inhabitants of urban slums, the landless farmers tilling other people’s fields, the orphans of AIDS and the sick, who need special or increased food intake to survive.”  When reading about Hunger on the World Food Program Website, the words quoted above stood out most.

Although the world does not lack enough food to feed everyone, including those hungry and malnourished, we are not doing enough to help those in need.  Fortunately, organizations like the World Food Program have implemented various ways in which they help hunger victims worldwide.  The World Food Program not only helps raise money to feed the hungry, they offer relief programs, respond to emergencies, help deliver the food and more.  Their website, offers a wealth of factual information for readers to learn about the reality of hunger in our world and various ways each of us can give towards helping solve our worlds hunger problems.  If anything, take a moment and educate yourself through their website.

There may be some things we cannot solve in our world. Hunger is NOT one of them.  We can make a world without hunger a reality.  Help make 2013 the first of many years hunger will not be our world’s #1 health risk.


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